Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where About on the Dems Depravity Scale Does This Figure?

Cross posted from The News Junkie: "The Most Offensive Palin Hit Yet" - Hat Tip: The Midnight Sun

"(...) The photo was posted by someone going by the name ‘Smooshie’ on Reddit and the comments above aren’t among the worst on the topic. Who is this Smooshie character? No telling…

One thing’s for sure, this photo will make its way around the Internet and into inboxes all around the globe over the next few days. Is anything off-limits anymore?"

... apparently not. The last few days have been filled with fake outcries over perceived racism and "code for racism"- all cover in case riots break out if the Dems lose the elections.

When the next bout of tactical hysterics strikes, could someone cplease hurl the above over the wall that separates the trolls from humanity?

Sicko ...

but wait, there's more from the liberal trelozoic ... (anyone under 13, avert your eyes now - and don't worry, these people aren't really angry, they're just very disappointed with themselves ...)

- Dr Sanity: "Evolving Displacement"
- Gateway Pundit: "ANGRY LEFT Protest C*nt Sarah Palin in Philly"
- Michele Malkin: "PDS mobsters in Philly: “Let’s stone her, old school;” plus: the c-word rears its ugly head"
- PJM: "Media Selectively Outraged by Campaign ‘Hate’"
- Michelle Malkin: "Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look who’s “gripped by insane rage”"
- PJM: "Ask Dr. Helen: How Do You Deal With a Palin Hater?"

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Vintage Vantage said...

what do you think of our Drill Palin, Not Alaska shirt?

we mean, of course, to drill her with questions about the environment and with snowballs.

we think it's less depraved than the cartoon.

and makes a great halloween costume.

Cassandra said...

How awfully astute - so impressed! Do not think you can peddle your rags with a message here. Move on ....

Vintage Vantage said...

okay. thanks for the chance, it was worth a try - and keep up the good work.

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