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Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis - Berg on Savage

Andy Martin's "High Noon" in Hawaii ended with the sound of a deflating balloon ...

Contrarian Commentary: "Barack Obama is not Barack Obama"

“Obama's father was Frank Marshall Davis (ed. photo). Obama is really Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.,” says Andy Martin. Obama's "Dreams from [his] father" was really a book about his real father, Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama's original 'vault' birth certificate is either incomplete or tampered with, which is why it has never surfaced. Martin says Obama should submit to DNA testing with his brothers. Was Obama the “victim” of a pro-life mother? (...) >>>

Martin is offering no evidence for his allegations, at all! No word about the law suit either. Andy Martin, out with a whimper ...

In the meantime investigation HQ New Zeal has enjoyed over 13,000 hits and rising since publishing the Marxist New Party newspaper shots that show Barack Obama as a card carrying member as well as an NP candidate (see "The Final Stretch to the Pomo White House").

Aaron Klein on New World Daily is clarifying the discovery in "Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party - Democrat's campaign denied allegations, but new evidence indicates membership" as follows:

"Evidence has emerged that Sen. Barack Obama belonged to a socialist political party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda. (...)

- Caption - click to enlarge: Front page ultra close up-scanned from a photocopy of New Party News, Spring 1996 - New Zeal File 41 -

The New Party, formed by members of the Democratic Socialists for America and leaders of an offshoot of the Community Party USA, was an electoral alliance that worked alongside the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. The New Party's aim was to help elect politicians to office who espouse its policies. Among New Party members was linguist and radical activist Noam Chomsky. (...)

Obama's campaign has responded to the allegations, denying the presidential candidate was ever a member of the New Party (...)

Many of the New Party's founding members were Democratic Socialists for America leaders and members of Committees of Correspondence, a breakaway of the Communist Party USA. Obama attended several DSA events and meetings, including a DSA-sponsored town hall meeting Feb. 25, 1996, entitled "Employment and Survival in Urban America." He sought and received an endorsement from the DSA.

According to DSA documents, the New Party worked with ACORN to promote its candidates. ACORN, convicted in massive, nationwide voter fraud cases, has been a point of controversy for Obama over the presidential candidate's ties to the group. In 1995, the DSA's New Ground newsletter stated, "In Chicago, the New Party's biggest asset and biggest liability is ACORN. (...) >>>

The Obama camp's denial is flying in the face of this black on white evidence, which is honestly getting a little overwhelming. Two's a coincidence, three is a pattern, anything more than that warrants digging in. The 'self-controlled' media are reduced to nothing but an Abama propaganda tool. Campaigners, be sure to 'digg' the story here.

Among the endorsers of the Obama-Biden ticket is "Youth Unite and Fight." No, it ain't the boy scouts ... but the Philadelphia Club of the young communist league usa [sic]. History learns we had better beware when reason has made place for somebody's 'will' (Yes, We Can!). You can listen or download "Will of the People" - a tribute to the movement around Barack Obama - on their site.

Turning to the artistic side of the campaign, here's a video artist who collated the ominous Youth for Change thing together quite blatantly. Good job! And Glenn Beck has a new Obama National Anthem out. The audio is really very good, while the cartoon is getting better the more you watch it! For those with a really strong stomach there is "Kenyan Muslim School Children Singing the Praises of O".

Meanwhile, in Berg versus Obama:

Obama Crimes: "Phil J. Berg files motions to expedite resolution in Berg v. Obama"

Plaintiff Phil J. Berg filed two motions today seeking an expedited resolution in Berg v. Obama. (PDF's of the motions are attached below.)


This motion argues that the facts have been established that Barack Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be elected or serve as President of the United States, and that the Court should issue a summary judgment as follows (...) read it all >>>

! Here's Berg on Michael's Savage's program. Berg says he has Obama's paternal grandmother on tape admitting that she was in the delivery room when baby O was born! He also said he will be making that tape available in the next few days. Legal writer Jeff Schreiber on America's Right is confirming the news: I know for a fact that Berg does indeed have tapes of this kind in his possession -- but as the parts I heard were in a language I did not understand [and he was in the process of having translated], I cannot attest for sure that the tapes contain what Berg contends.

Northwest reports on the Marquis law suit: "Seattle man tries to remove Obama from ballot" - includes radio link.

This story on "The Corner" - involving Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, who was first on to the false birth certificate (COLB) - has just broken the Yahoo Buzz barrier with 50 buzzez z: "Turning the Page from Campaign Finance Fraud . . . What is the deal with Obama's birth certificate and citizenship status?" [Andy McCarthy] The article offers this reason for not having followed it up earlier: "Admittedly, I've ignored this issue up until now on the theory that if there was anything here worth looking at, surely the Hillary and McCain campaigns would have raised it." Never assume someone else will do your job for you! - Campaigners, buzzz z up ...

And it has spread to Canada Free Press.

This is the latest status update by Jeff Schreiber: "just got word that the decision will likely NOT be today after all. First, I was told it would be on Thursday or Friday. Then, I was told yesterday that it would be at the end of yesterday or this morning. Now, I'm being told not to hold my breath. Listen, it's understandable. No judge wants to be overturned, especially with something like this."

The links and service points:

- The official Phil Berg website.
- Here is a link to the court documents filed by Berg.
- Click here to sign the petition.

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