Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Final Stretch to the Pomo White House

World Net Daily in "Obama spreads wealth – to non-taxpayers" Brad O'Leary, the author of "The Audacity of Deceit" rips senator's universal mortgage credit as socialist 'welfare wealth redistribution. "No matter how Barack Obama tries to dress-up his tax welfare plan, it is still a welfare plan," O'Leary said in a statement. "Under Obama's massive plan for wealth redistribution, 44 percent of Americans will never pay federal income taxes, and many of these folks will also receive bonus, or 'welfare,' checks from the government." (...) >>>

Are you still trying to recover from Joe Biden gaffing the lid off the latest security briefing, with his implication to a crowd of donors that Obama's lack of experience would create an appearance of weakness that would encourage opponents to challenge the US? Here's the candidate himself back in 2004, asserting he's a believer in "knowing what you're doing when you apply for a job", implying that he isn't.

WND reports that "even some 800 days later, on 10th February 2007, when he announced his presidential bid, in remarks published by the Washington Post as prepared for delivery, he admitted, "I know I haven't spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington."

Freedoms Defense Funds today released a TV ad on Obama's campaigning for Kenyan Communist agitator Raila Odinga. In the post "The O Plot Thickens: Law Suits Like Kittens" we reported in detail how Raila came into power by signing a pact with the country's Muslim representatives, imposing sharia law and evoking cooperation with the GWOT - which was particularly outrageous in the light that Obama in 2006, as a member of the Senate, campaigned in Kenya for his cousin at the taxpayer's expense.

The post also contains a link to a PDF document stating that “Friends of Senator BO” are on the books for 66,000,000 Kenyan Shillings/US$1 million. In the post-election turmoil atrocities were committed against the Christian population. Obama is the quintessential Postmodernist: according to their philosophy, 'truth' is flexible, words have no fixed meaning, talk is little more than soundwaves. So, do not recognize him by his meaningless yada yada, but by his deeds! They speak volumes! Read it all >>>

Investigator Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, has published the latest findings on Obama's associations with ACORN on the site of National Review. Kurtz in "Something New Here - Radical? Check. Tied to ACORN? Check. Redistributionist? Check.":

"During his first campaign for the Illinois state senate in 1995-96, Barack Obama was a member of, and was endorsed by, the far-left New Party.

Obama’s New Party ties give the lie to his claim to be a post-partisan, post-ideological pragmatist.

Particularly in Chicago, the New Party functioned as the electoral arm of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

- Caption (I) - click to enlarge: Front page-scanned from a photocopy of New Party News, Spring 1996 - New Zeal File 41 -

So despite repeated attempts to distance himself from ACORN, Obama’s New Party ties raise disturbing questions about his links to those proudly militant leftists. The media’s near-total silence on this critical element of Obama’s past is deeply irresponsible."

(...) the New Party was a mid-1990s effort to build a “progressive” coalition to the left of the Democratic party (...) they were looking for a cross between the “party within the party” strategy favored by leftist Democrats and the “plague on both your houses” stance later adopted by the Naderites.

That means Obama’s New Party ties place him on the far left end of the Democratic party, arguably with one foot outside and to the left of the party itself. (...)

- Caption (II) - click to enlarge: Front page ultra close up-scanned from a photocopy of New Party News, Spring 1996 - New Zeal File 41 -

To get a sense of where the New Party stood politically, consider some of its early supporters (caption III) (...) Unquestionably, ACORN was one of the most important forces behind the creation of the New Party. (...)

- Caption (III) - click to enlarge: Part of an undated New Party document probably from 1995 - Scanned from a photocopy - New Zeal File 41 -

ACORN’s leading role in the New Party as the result of a conscious decision by the organization to move into electoral politics in a more substantial way than they had been able to solely through their political action committee. (...) the fact that Obama received the New Party’s endorsement in his first run for office in 1995-96 cannot be dismissed as insignificant. On the contrary, Obama’s ties to the New Party, and the New Party’s backers at ACORN (often the very same people), are long-standing, substantial, and reveal a great deal about his personal political allegiances. (...)

More than this, we now have substantial evidence that Obama himself was in fact a New Party member. We even have a photograph (IV) of Obama appearing with other successful New Party candidates. Clearly, then, it is more than fair to identify Obama with the hard-left stance of the New Party and its ACORN backers. In her recent study of ACORN and the Gamaliel Foundation, the two groups of community organizers to which Obama was closest, Heidi Swarts describes their core ideology as “redistributionist.” Joe the Plumber, take note.

Whether formally socialist or not, Obama ties with ACORN and its New Party political arm show that spreading your wealth around has long been his ultimate goal. (...) At what point will the press force Obama to own up to the full extent of his ties to ACORN? (...) to the New Party? At what point will the depth of Obama’s redistributionist economic stance be acknowledged? Barack Obama is hiding the truth about his political past, and the press is playing along. >>>

- Caption (IV) - click to enlarge: Page 2 New Party News, Spring 1996, scanned from a photocopy - New Zeal File 41 -

The photos and the ties of Barack Obama and radicalism were first published by Trevor Loudon
in "Obama File 41 Obama Was a New Party Member-Documentary Evidence," the investigative treasure trove on radicalism, New Zeal. He's doing a really great job. Read it all >>>

In the meantime concerning the "Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis" lawsuit of Berg versus Obama, legal writer Jeff Schreiber on America's Right posts that he has "from good and reliable sources, information suggesting that the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick will come down with an order and memorandum either on Thursday or Friday." As we posted yesterday, he doesn't expect it to be good news, but Berg has vowed to take this case all the way. Please consider a donation on his site.

Ken Timmerman on NewsMax has the latest on the credit card donation fraud.

Daniel Pipes on Middle East Forum raises the question of Obama failing security clearance and the connections and even indebtedness, throughout his career, to extremist Islam.

Also on NewsMax David A. Patten says that when it comes to offering the public documents about his own public and private activities, Obama’s record for openness gets an "F" grade. He maps what's on public record and what isn't. You'll be amazed.

To be continued.

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