Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pomo Obama for Justice

Mary Grabar's post on PJM's "How Critical Race Theory Molded Obama" tells of Subjectivism and how it is applied to the field of justice. Obama, it would appear, is full of it ... "at least by his teaching and academic background" as a student of Professor Derrick Bell, to which we might add, and by the company he keeps.

Grabar cites the infamous Duke lacrosse rape case as an illustration of things to come.

It wakes us up how closely related Postmodernism is to Nazism and Marxism - in fact, to all forms of Socialism. All stem from the same branch of thinking. That, of the anti philosopher Immanuel Kant, who sought to fashion a form of philosophy that could deal with the contradictions that emerge, when applying reason to religion. In the process he achieved the most earth shattering feat in the history of thought: he perverted all three, religion, philosophy and reason.

As Grabar's post shows, Postmodernism is directly opposed to the philosophy of America's Founding Fathers. Which once again stresses how iconic the essentially neutral term of Change may be for an Obama tenure. Shocked? You should be. People do not know ten percent of the vileness of Subjectivism, which is responsible for all measure of pomo vice, from moral equivalence to the personal attack.

- Caption: Postmodern revisionism by "The People's Cube" -

You'll also be surprised how racist Critical Race Theory is. How pernicious and typical to Postmodernism it is, can be gauged from the Wiki: the theory states to oppose "the continuation of all forms of subordination," whereas its basic premises lead to precisely that.

Welcome in the wonderful world of Subjectivism. It centers around the anti modernist approach to 'logic', which thrives on contradiction. Hegel referred to his work with the Orwellian term, 'New Reason'.

As opposed to "all men are created equal" or "in God's image," applying the same standard to all no matter the person or the circumstances, in Subjectivist Postmodernism unequal groups are compensated in proportion to their inequality.

Apart from the absence of objective standards to ascertain how unequal a particular group is - let alone in what proportion it is to be compensated - it may be obvious to the keen observer that this is the road leading to discrimination, segregation, and Apartheid.

Grabar takes it to be Marxist, but it can be reduced much further than that. Following Kant and Hegel we see the collectivist line-up of usual suspects: Fichte, Herder, Nietzsche, Marx, the Nazi theorists, Heidegger, Foucault, Lyotard, Derrida, Marcuse, Rorty, Ayers, and now candidate Obama.

It is the road America took when it decided that blacks are so unequal, they need special rules and standards to create equality of opportunity, a Democratic pet project par excellence. This was direct action, or positive discrimination. It was supposed to be a temporary mechanism until equality was obtained, but over time it has become entrenched and is now the standard of 'fair practice' all over the Western world where it continues to create ... inequality.

- Cartoon by Michael Ramirez -

While equality of opportunity morphed into equality of outcome, secretly a similar mechanism was being enforced: handicapping the more powerful groups by means of political correctness, which is essentially a self-censoring device acting as a redistributor of speech rights.

The redistributive mechanisms have the secondary (?) advantage of being utterly destructive to Western civilization, precisely because they chop away at the core values of individual rights and equality. Why are we surprised to hear Barack Obama talk of the redistribution of wealth when in race relations we've done little else but redistributing?

Multiculturalism works along the same lines, ostensibly promoting equality, but achieving the exact opposite: not mixing (melting pot) and treating people as equals, but setting them apart in protective mono-cultural tribal reservations, just like the father of Aryan race theory Gobineau and the Nazis intended. Traditionally any group member with the audacity to want out, is marked a traitor for life (see "Leftist Causes Explained").

And now we have the most dangerous variant yet: Subjectivist justice. Think about the consequences! Hey, isn't that a coincidence! Doesn't that open the road to Sharia Law? To each their own legal code?

Once you leave the principle of universal equality behind, it is just as easy to go from Gobineau (race creates culture, one superior to the other) to the antisemitism of the Nazis, or the direct action of post civil rights America, or the upcoming legalization of Sharia Law in Europe.

Irrespective which race, culture or religion is seen as superior, it is still inequality: racism, sexism, ageism, Islamism, you name it. And it's going to be the new standard for which nobody's approval will be asked. It will be ushered in very gradually - possibly under UN auspices - and by the time someone notices, outfitted with some 'justice' or 'new' epithet.

The above shoots home that Postmodernism, a belief in subjective group 'narratives,' is a very dangerous philosophy (actually, it's a fallacy). It not only holds pernicious premises, it also breads Narcissists like Ayers' Weathermen, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and Hitler - pathological maniacs who are willing to sacrifice millions for the sake of their misguided 'ideals'.

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It was good to hear from you. I will be in touch with you at a future time. I have been off for a while and have lost your email address and my old site. I will be in touch in the future, a month or two more, and will explain further.

You are doing great. Keep up the good work. It seems that we soon may not have to explain communism in theorectical terms. Let us hope that enough understand and care before the forced reeducation camps begin to supplement our regular daily media.


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