Monday, October 6, 2008

Change is Truly Coming

The Vodpod contains a 6 part series of Sean Hannity's Special "Barack Obama and Friends," about the Senator's most unfortunate judgment when it comes to choosing company. While his relationship of two decades with Reverend Wright may be taken for an unfortunate error of judgment, and the connection with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers on the boards of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge be downplayed as "guild by association", the documentary indicates a pattern of behavior.

The fact that the candicate himself thinks nothing particularly scandalous about it, it is evidence of postmodernist leanings. This does not only account for the sort of people he surrounds himself with, but also for his rejection of the moral implications. The dangers behind such connections, and the implications for the vulnerability of his own position, speaks of downright irresponsibility.

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Well, that was fast .... the opinion police wastes no time in pulling one adverse vid after another - go ahead! The Hannity doc is still available on our previous posts (little hard perhaps to keep up with the virus): "Let's Get Serious in Averting a Pomo White House".

There's more news there:

Minority Report: "RNC Filing FEC Complaint Against Obama" - Update: Pamela at "Atlas Shrugs" claims the scoop and has something to add - read the fine print! Great job!

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