Monday, September 15, 2008

Sharia Alert for Britain

Attention all freedom loving Brits,

This has been in the making for years! It's getting dead serious now. The time for denial and trivialization is definitely over. If you care two hoots for liberty and the culture that made you, sign the petition against encroaching sharia law NOW. Enough is enough. Stop suicidal, cultural relativism (it's based on a horrible fallacy, anyway). Support Muslim moderates, women and children against domestic violence and honour killings. Stop condoning Apartheid and evil practices. Stand firm for the slippery slope. Stop the clock going backwards. We didn't vote for this! Tell Gordon Brown and his Neville Chamberlain clones to start acting governmental or else pack it in ... hold them to account! In fact, do that in all of Europe, America and anywhere else where democracy and individual rights are valued ... stop the pocket potentates before they become real, live dictators ... sign the petition NOW!

EurSoc: "Sharia Courts "Legally Binding" In UK"

Well, Rowan Williams will be pleased, as will those prominent legal minds who said it was vital and inevitable that Sharia Law be introduced to Britain. It is reported today that Islamic Sharia courts are exploiting a loophole in British law and pronouncing judgments on cases including divorce, financial disputes and even domestic violence. (...) The government has tolerated Sharia law for various civil law cases, but the move into criminal and family law seems to confirm warnings about "two-tiered" and "alternative" justice systems developing in Britain. Already, the courts are handing down judgements which clearly defy common British values on equal rights. The Mail reports,

"In one recent inheritance dispute in Nuneaton, a Muslim man's estate was spit was between three daughters and two sons with each son receiving twice as much as each daughter - in keeping with sharia law." A mainstream court would have demanded equal treatment. More worrying is the movement of Sharia into criminal law. (...) What next - and where will they stop? Britain has an alternative legal system developing under the noses of the authorities. Indeed, the police seem to be colluding with the courts, dropping investigations into violent incidents on the Sharia courts' say-so.

Indeed, it's possible that Muslim police officers are acting in the interests of their fellow worshippers. (...) Similarly, two Christian preachers were booted out of a Muslim neighbourhood in Birmingham. The officer, who was very aggressive, told the preachers, "We were in a Muslim area and were not allowed to spread our Christian message. He said we were committing a hate crime by telling the youths to leave Islam and said that he was going to take us to the police station." (...) Wonder if Dr Williams and his supporters still believe Sharia is essential for Britain? (...) >>>

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James Higham said...

Agree with the notion but don't believe petitions have tyhe least effect on governments - quite the opposite. Action needs to be more direct.

Wolfie said...

Yes we have a problem but blaming the religion is just a mealy-mouthed excuse. Its simple, the indigenous Anglo-Saxon populace is being ethnically replaced by a backward, ethnically hostile and highly fertile new-comer. There is hardly a white face in my local primary schools and I life in an up-market area of London. Its only a matter of time now.

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