Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Notes around the RNC

"(...) The media (...) have joined in flogging the meme that the convention is now ruined and John McCain is in trouble (...)" The European MSM have it, that not only is the convention a wash-out, the campaign is lost, but also that John McCain's unvetted pick of Palin speaks volumes of his judgment capabilities: he would consider jilting her, if he could ...

- "I have to agree with Glenn Reynolds when he suggests that: "How they could have kept the Palin pregnancy out of the press: Leaked it, that John Edwards was the father." -
Convention site

WSJ: "The Beltway Boys"

(...) the high priests and priestesses of the media have marked her as an apostate. The Beltway class is in full-throated rebellion against a nondomesticated conservative who might pose a threat to their coronation of Barack Obama and the return of Camelot-on-the-Potomac. Here is a sampler of media comment on Governor Palin this week (...)

Take a close look at Governor Palin's record on ethics and energy in Alaska, and it becomes clear what this Beltway outburst is actually about. The irony is that while Senator Obama is running on change, his acceptance speech made explicit that he's promising only more power and money for Washington. Sarah Palin's history of taking on the career politicians of a corrupt Alaskan GOP machine -- her own party -- shows that she's the more authentic change agent. >>>

... and on the psychological level, brilliant Dr Sanity:

- THE LEFT'S FIRESTORM OF PROJECTION ABOUT PALIN (group projection and projective identification)

SARAH, DEAR, WOULD YOU MAKE THE COFFEE FOR US BIG IMPORTANT DEMOCRATS? (on sexism, the socialist food chain, and an equivocation)


Obama, Biden: "Children are off limits" (we leave that to our surrogates ...)

How do you spell h y p o c r i s y ?

Here are "
Top 9 Reasons Obama Hasn’t Pulled Ahead", a recap of the campaign so far.

Palin, the woman the European Left (a tautology) love to hate (Times): "What Mrs Palin represents is mesmerising this side of the Atlantic for its very political incorrectness. So sick are we in Britain, with our centre left-centre right politicians of the centre, not one daring to have a view out of line with the very thin consensus that passes for acceptable opinion here, that we stand stunned by a woman who opposes abortion and shoots moose; who believes in creationism and drilling for oil in the Arctic wildlife refuge; who supports the aerial shooting of wolves and opposes same-sex marriage; who says to hell with the kids and just get back to work; who even campaigned against saving polar bears! Could you be less politically correct than suing the Federal Government to prevent it making polar bears an endangered species because the move would restrict oil drilling? Nothing like Mrs Palin has, could ever, be seen in the British political system. She turns liberals into conservatives and conservatives into feminists. Stand back, Mr Obama, a new character is storming the ratings. How Hillary Clinton, all safe lines and patronising empathy, must be hating it. How fast Michelle Obama must be recalibrating her soft little tales about baking cookies and enjoying The Brady Bunch. Mrs Palin would eat Carol Brady for breakfast, and still have space for some moose stew. Hell, yes. (...) They call it feminism, but the Republicans have done women a disservice. They have selected a female candidate who is a cartoon - the joker in the pack who will end up just a joke. >>>

This is great! Hat Tip Pamela at Atlas ... see the assaults of the new storm troopers in 360!

Minnesota Public Radio: "RNC protest in 360 degrees"

The McCain Campaign has taken the press to task for savagely trashing Sarah Palin. The reaction on CNN: "They do this as a strategy to deflect attention away from her lack of experience and McCain's poor judgment in picking her." Obamaland: "That's right, blame the messenger if you think this is about personalities instead of issues."

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Deb Acle (aka Barely human now) said...

She shoots moose! I like this woman more and more each day!

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

More than interesting move though.

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