Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hard Choices (No Way)

The contrast couldn't be more pronounced. America is blessed with a clear choice ... and it's a no-brainer!

They may not quite know what they're getting themselves into, but the Palins are definitely the antidote to degenerate counter-culturati, cynical autocrats, demented sex-obsessed Narcissists, psychotic denialists, bomb-hurling poison dwarfs ... no wonder the trolls squirm and squeal like vampires before garlic.

Squeaky clean inside and out, healthy body and soul, the cat's whiskers; it's what the-world-gone-mad is begging for: strangers to decadence, inverted morality, false equivalence ... ah yes ... a choice for the healthy ticket - hot damn!

Here's the Todd Palin interview in four parts.


- Part 2/4
- Part 3/4
- Part 4/4


James Higham said...

Have to wait and see what happens.

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