Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bloggers Against Legal Jihad

Geert Wilders, Dutch MP and producer of the short film "Fitna," a video document which explains the perils of Sharia law for democratic values (can be seen here), has received a summons from a lawyer to pay radical imam Fawaz Jneid before next Sunday an advance payment of EUR 20,000 in compensation for damages the imam suffered through accusations Wilders made against him in "Fitna." In total the damages claimed amount to EUR 55,000.

Prime Minister Balkenende, currently attending the Sarkozy 'Club Med' circus in Paris, will come to speak with Jordan's PM about the Jordanian decision to seek Wilders' prosecution through the kingdom's Courts.

Hate imam Fawaz Jneid who is associated with the infamous As-Souna Mosque in The Hague has cursed defenders of Western values like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Theo van Gogh and Afshin Ellian in truly shocking terms. Wilders in a reaction speaks of moral inversion. He isn't impressed and vowed to pay not even 55 cents.

- Caption: cartoon of Wilders by Kurt Westergaard -

The issue doesn't stand on its own. Articles dossier "Legal Jihad" lists many such matters from all over the globe. But personal damage claims do seem to be a new trend in the war on the West. Pamela Geller, over on Atlas Shrugs relays a similar case.

"Litigation jihad is one of the most venal and effective weapons in the jihad assault on Western civilization. Hamas is suing UK blogger over a tiny detail (...) The little guy up against those bloody petrol dollars. One has to wonder if Hamas is using US State department funds to pursue this?" Yeah, or Dutch and EU development funds, for that matter?

"A British blog called Harry’s Place is being sued by Mohammed Sawalha for posting a variant of a translated phrase from one of the plaintiff’s speeches. Lest you think of Mr. Sawalha as an innocent lamb, consider that even the BBC (yes, even the Beeb!) says that he “master minded much of Hamas' political and military strategy” and in the UK “is alleged to have directed funds, both for Hamas' armed wing, and for spreading its missionary dawah”.

Dangerous stuff, we're trying to get as many bloggers as possible to react to it. Join the list of supporting blogs. The British blogs have already amassed together. A blogburst has been started at NeoConstant in support of Harry’s Place (and here's the original blogburst post) (...).

It looks like Harry’s Place is going up against some pretty top-notch lawyers on this one, and they’ve got guts, but as the post goes on to say: If Mr Sawalha persists in attempting to silence us with this desperate legal suit, we will need your help. We won’t be able to stand up to them alone. This is why we’ve started this blogburst, to get the word out that we won’t let members of Hamas or any radical terrorist group censor us or any of our fellow bloggers.

If you’d like to add your site to the blogroll, simply email us at, and include your site’s URL. Then copy and paste this entry into one of your posts. Future posts will be emailed to you. Thanks, and don’t forget to head over to Harry’s Place to show your support of their freedom of speech!

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A very good explanation of the issue thanks :-)

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