Friday, May 23, 2008

Today on Articles: of Heroes, Revelation and Left & Right Hegels

Quebec has had it with the auto-erasure of Western civilization. Jean Charest is fighting back at politically motivated 'insult.' N. very B. the last paragraph of that post: that's how far this has bl*@!dy gone!

"Cultural Marxism/Multicult: fighting theofascism" - BBC: "Quebec Rejects Removed Crucifix"

What conclusion can we draw about Sharia law when a Saudi judge drops charges against a Saudi couple who systematically, willfully and most cruelly wrecked the life of a woman they used as a slave? This is the brand of justice the multicultis want us to 'get used to.' Equivalizers will no doubt point to instances of Western rough justice. Point taken. Does that make this acceptable?

"The Unspeakable File: justice by Islamic Revelation" - BBC: "Saudi Maid Verdict 'Outrageous'"

The Pomo German English Language site Signandsight chronicles on the Fascist appreciation movement in Italy. The Frankfurther Allgemeine has some frightening examples. Far more frightening examples of clear and present danger are registered here on the Leftist Socialist side (we'll get to it presently):

"Join the Nazi Appreciation Movement: frightening examples" - Signandsight: feuilletoning the Frankfurther Allgemeine

Ah, is that what it's called these days ... soccer riots? I think the blessings of the multiculture have by now become overly apparent. We ain't seen nothing yet. That's what you get if your mission is the obliteration of reality.

In the meantime the Dutch PM last night gave evidence of the gulf that separates him from the real world. The Dutch, he opined, are naggers and whiners! They shouldn't complain so much, and instead be a little more proud of their fine country!

Let's put this in some perspective. Greeks ar
e habitual naggers and whiners ... they don't get that if you keep on taking to the streets in demand of higher wages, this will ultimately translate in higher prices and inflation - but the nation is still basically in tact, bless her.

The Dutch on the other hand are light-years removed from that! They have seen their entire nation being taken over by subjectivist relativos who have nestled within the tiniest niches and capillaries of the national system. All ties with the past have been severed, all cultural connections equivalenced out of existence, and its morality crushed. And this pea wit has the guts to talk about 'negative self-perception'?

People understand very well that something has gone terribly and horribly wrong, but they are unable to pinpoint the problem and its source. The frantic desire to belong, to lose oneself in a raving crowd or in trance sounds is nothing less than a dash for the safety of the tribal collective. They are psychologically ready for the next guru, witch doctor or neotot demagogue with a plausible story. As long as he has the sense to leave Islam out of the equation because that would make him 'fasc!' But any other vacuous mantra on change to progress is just fine.

"The Assault of the New Storm Troopers: soccer riots?" - Elsevier: "Brussels Police Fear Large Scale Racial Rioting

> Here's the update on 'the day after': 193 arrested, homes, shops and cars destroyed, 14 wounded riot police, two seriously.

Let's wrap up today's inrides of Pomo with a promise of stitches ... and a rather serious must-read article on The Man's supporters by the ever hilarious Oleg Atbashian, writer, graphic artist and creator of the priceless The Peoples Cube:

"The Pomo White House: comrad Obama" (worse by the day) - Pajamas Media: "Communists for Obama"


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