Monday, May 5, 2008

Check Out This Little Gem

Objectivists, language and culture lovers, history buffs, Classicists and Libertarians of the world, check out this little gem: Rusty Other News & Association Sites.

I don't mean the blogs that are listed. It lays bare the confusion in Conservative political alignment today. Whereas all that wasn't coveted by the Left was hitherto derogatively termed 'Right-wing', the new broad, generic epithet today appears to be 'Conservative.'

We have to work on that: Paleo Conservatism, harking back to pre-revolutionary times, doesn't gel with the Enlightenment modernism of Libertarianism - let alone the anti-modern, Hegel inspired ideologies of Nationalism and (neo) National Socialism!

I actually mean the site's language pages, listed on the top left-hand side. Delve and enjoy!


Rusty said...

Hello, Cassandra,

I'm "evolving." ;-) Those links are not really endorsements; I just find them interesting, provocative, or useful in one way or another. It's my list of "favorites" to check when I've completed my Internet rounds to other better known sites. I update it from time to time.

Currently, I'm working on an answer key for John William White's _First Greek Book_, to include a running vocabulary and grammar notes, here.


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