Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A bag of Postmodern Curses (I): Potentates, Narcissism & Hume's Law

Following Sam Holliday's expert analysis of the Postmodern corruption of the concept of patriotism, the convergence of events on a number of issues touching related subject matter, is no stranger to these pages.

Recently blogger-psychologist Dr Sanity had a take on the matter in "Psychic Income, Utopian Patriotism, and the Infantile Narcissism that Fuels Them", asserting that to Postmoderns patriotism ...

"... is always one hundred percent compatible with their Narcissistic sense of entitlement. They bash America because they love America - or, rather, they love their own personal and private image of what America should be."

Haven't we seen this phenomenon - in which the political Left excel - time and again? It's the fallacy of Hume's Law: confusing is with ought.

The curse of the sociopathology of Narcissism, which Christian Democrats so love to foist on Libertarianism, is in a few sentences better identified by Neo Neo-Con; the affliction is getting more prominent as the Leftist nanny state assumed the debilitating, substitute parental role over its increasingly state-dependent subjects:

"To the child, the parent is omnipotent, and perfection is demanded and easily achievable. Everything that goes wrong must be the parent's fault, that much is clear; otherwise, the world would become a much more frightening place. (...) The child knows the parent is strong enough to absorb the blow, so it's safe to direct the blame and the anger where it won't be dangerous to do so (...) It's a win-win situation for the child, who gets to "vent," and to feel that the world isn't such a dangerous place, knowing the parent will not strike back and harm the child."

Which also explains why it is so easy to blame everything on the big guy!

My co-blogger Jack, in "There's Something Rotten in the State of Europe" yesterday plastered his bitter complaints here over the double standards of Europe's politicians and the fact that they're betraying the totalitarian contents of their hearts and minds, by automatically assuming others to have such designs! He said:

"Leftists believe people can't be trusted. In their minds, the totalitarian temptation will always prevail. Ergo, they believe they have to tell people who is votable or not, who has a reasonable political vision or not. To push this belief the whole way, they even created what they call a "cordon sanitaire" (line of quarantine) around this particular party (Vlaams Belang): the party won't be part of any coalition, there'll be no debate with its leaders, and the media must do their best to ignore them. That's what they call protective democracy, and that's what I call the beginning of a dictatorship."

As they say in Flanders "ons kent ons", or, as philosopher Stephen Hicks asserts: National Socialism is also Socialism (video material by Von Mises Institute) and both are collectivist Counter Enlightenment ideologies opposed to Libertarian values!

In "The Unholy Alliance: Collating the Three Great isms" we saw how both ideologies share more than the bare basics with Islam! We'll discuss in the second instalment of this post how the mutual appreciation association works out in practice as we follow a real, live, unfolding spectacle of solidarity.

Jack's post also made painfully visible that Europeans - unlike Americans - despite all the claims of prolonged civilization and sophistication, still have not taken ownership of their politeia: in their mind-set they are still subjects, waiting for the ruling political elite to throw them a democratic bone or two from time to time.

When will Europeans storm the hideous Berlaymont with pitchforks and illicit fire arms? It's theirs, even if they don't realize it! They've paid for it as the ruling elite rules in their name, on their behalf and at their pleasure!

~ Continued in Part II: "In The Netherlands - as we speak - what passes for a 'public discourse' is going on over MP Geert Wilders' plans to produce a film explaining the Fascist character of the Koran, which regretfully isn't clear yet to everyone. ~


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