Sunday, October 7, 2007

EU: Fraud in the Anti Fraud Watch Dog

You cannot make this up! Now it's allegations of fraud in the anti fraud office. But what can one expect when the foundation is rotten to the core. Read and watch this!

- EUX.TV - "Exclusive: EU fraud buster OLAF in trouble over 'Hercule' programme "- "I'd like to draw your special attention to an EUX.TV news story based on interviews Dutch MEP (whistleblower) Paul van Buitenen and with OLAF (anti fraud office) Director Nicholas Ilett, about fighting fraud in the EU, recorded on Friday." "Ilett responds to Van Buitenen's allegations, says he is misinformed, but does confirms some details of irregularities with OLAF's 'Hercule' programme.

The Commission has also confirmed to us that not all is well with OLAF's 'Hercule' programme in Cyprus. Sum is relatively small, but it does confirms Van Buitenen's is not barking up against the wrong tree.You'll also find a transcript at the end of the story. Uncut versions of both Van Buitenen and Ilett interviews can be seen on our
YouTube channel.

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Beach Girl said...

Cassandra, I took a month off - I figured our Congress does it, the Iraqi parliment (sp) does it - so I did it too. I needed the change in activity. At least the EU got a constitution, the North American Union is an end-run that even our Senate hasn't had a chance to get into.

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