Tuesday, December 27, 2011

pOmo Money is Blowing Up the Financial System

This article and this one here, and this one explain precisely how the economic-monetary system is being blown up. The pOmo war on reality strikes again!
Let's clarify this! Take a concept like, peace. Tensions and clashing interests will have to be absorbed by self control and endless parley, opine the peaceniks. What they are actually proposing is pretending there's a state of peace. Which makes it an end in itself. But guess what? Sooner or later stress will rebuild. It's a natural state of affairs. You can't make that go away by merely wishing it. Thought does not make reality.

Now let's have a look at the fallacy. Peace isn't an end in itself, but a condition, the result of a number of factors resulting in an equilibrium. Who wants peace, must make sure that these factors are in place. But by basically taking a short cut and aping peace, the result is a peace of plastic and styrofoam. It's the perception of peace, form without content. With pOmothinkers this stuff is on the order of the day!

Now let's turn to the monetary system. Like the peace of the peaceniks, QE is producing fake growth: it's in fact a hoax. Politicians evading the factors leading to growth do so because they hurt. Because prior to growth there's weeding, bankruptcies and creative destruction (here an explanation from nature). That sort of stuff doesn't make you popular as a politician. So they prefer a short cut, and try to think of ways to mimic growth. In the last century we had the printing press and the state interventions thought up by Keynes (tax and spend and the non existent jobs plans). Now we have QE. Like the fake peace, this will collapse at some point. What precisely will happen, no one knows. Here be dragons, no one has ever pulled a hoax like this.

>>> The fallacy exists because pomo thinkers deny the existence of concepts. Therefore they're unable to properly identify: what is this object in essence, how do I know that, and then solumnly declare: A=A, it is what it is.

Another example from the peaceniks: "Make love, not war" is the morality of a backward infant. The concepts 'love' and 'peace' are being crushed here: love is the reward for integrity of values, and peace isn't the absence of violence, as we have just seen. Holding elections in a failed state is a short cut to a civil society: it's pretending it's a 'democracy'. Gaza teaches us where such a deception may lead.

These pomo creation of perceptions are actually short cuts to something for nothing, the mindset of the criminal. There's a word for coveting a value without wanting to do the necessary effort, or paying the price: it's called theft. The mental crime caught fire by Marx, who proposed to abolish money, so that material inequality might be banned. Here value is being crushed by money. 

What is money? Money is a thing in itself (paper, metal), but the real value is in the energy and the material of the surplus production which is represents. QE, or fiat money is just money in itself (paper and metal) without the value of the surplus production. Without a gold standard or some other value reference, it is hot air, funny money.

On the philosophical level pomo thinkers are making the same 'mistake' (actually they do it on purpose) Marx made in economic terms: if you strip a thing of its value, equality will be the result, or at least that is the logic. But abstract values are immaterial and therefore indestructable. In the end the war on values will fail: cynicism, nihilism, ridicule, delegitimization, stripping words of their essence and warping their definition will not lead to more equality.

In the picture above: pomo art, a wild attack on values, but note the projection! It is supposed to be Capitalism, but it actually is QE! We're in a bond bubble! We are printing money to buy our own debt! It doesn't get any more perverse than this!


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