Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Civilization Uncut (Updated)


Proof has been uncovered the Left is still plotting the collapse of capitalism and the middle class. In the footage a former SCIU public sector union bozo is explaining how a private sector variety of the Cloward-Piven tactic will do the job:

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The scenes around the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin this week are symbolic for the short lived upsurge in new found civility in political debate, as called for by President Obama himself after the ferocious attack on Congresswoman Gifford, which was hastely put at the feet of the Tea Party. Very civilized, that was!
Faster than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker could say collective bargaining rights, Obama's army of unions and Organizers for America descended on the capitol, while the Democratic cohort of representatives went into hiding just over the border in Illinois. It had all the trappings of a comedy caper.

After having lost the battle, the union storm troopers lost all interest, went back to their respective states and left a cleaning up bill totalling 6-7,5 million dollars. The Xtreme Tea Party radicals had to clean up after them. Well, they do that very well, as we have seen.

Cutting the states' budgets has brought to the fore a problem with collective bargaining rights as well as the right to strike where civil servants are concerned. Collective bargaining is driving up the cost to the taxpayer to such an extent that the servant is earning more than his employer, the tax payer.

Furthermore, the matter has uncovered a political racket in a nexus between the Democrat Party and the unions: the channeling of money from the taxpayers who are funding civil servants, who pay dues to unions, who donate to the Democrat Party. Statists, being collectivists, are having no problem at all with these arrangements.

In fact, there's a global effort under way to crank up the level of violence and rhetoric a few notches or so. Having just lost the elections in Britain, UK Uncut is an effort by the Left to make up for that electoral loss. The Left is that democratic! Except when it comes to their bottom line!

We are at present facing battles with USA Uncut, Canada Uncut, Ireland Uncut, Australia Uncut, and no doubt soon also on the European continent, the entire civilization is being Uncut. Germany is mentioned, but that may be wishful thinking. Indymedia's Dutch language site - the Left's 'independent' bullhorn on the Interwebs - can hardly contain its enthusiasm.

When the financial crisis broke the Left for a while had images of a Marxist spring, a Socialist Renaissance, believing capitalism would be blamed for the financial and economic melt down. This didn't happen (how this convenient crisis was triggered, scroll down this file, specifically the entries with an exclamation mark in the margin). On the contrary. If anything, the reds have been losing elections in spates!

Their program of 'the moral high ground' being what it is, the democratic process must be somehow by-passed by - let's put it this way - irrational means of the will. The narrative: if corporations had paid enough taxes the crisis would have been averted and budget cuts would not be necessary. This is how an organized looting campaign is legitimized.

So how does Uncut operate? It mobilizes 'the poor and the disenfranchised' to gather at shops, singled out in advance for what the Left perceives to be politically incorrect behavior, or stores that have come into their cross hairs for some reason or other. These are in effect slur campaigns, smearing these businesses as 'tax dodgers' that have created 'a false economy' and 'tax injustice'. The pattern is of course the Left's usual  template.

Banks that have been bailed out are specifically targeted as 'double outrage'. Also public services, earmarked for budget cuts - libraries for instance - are being picketed and barricaded. Barclays Bank and Vodafone outlets (video) were targets of 'spontaneous' actions last year in the UK. Great care is taken to create the perception of grassroots actions.

Indymedia is especially proud of the paradigm shift, of the reframing they've attained here: the unwashed are no longer on the defense as looters and moochers, but go on the offense against the people who're "really behind the crisis", and who "caused the deficits by not paying enough taxes".

The self appointed champion of injustice (any variery), agit prop film maker Michael Moore meanwhile is actually calling for war.

Ayn Rand, the goddess of the markets, would have had a word or two to say about collective rights as a contradiction in terms.


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James Higham said...

Ayn Rand, the goddess of the markets, would have had a word or two to say about collective rights as a contradiction in terms.

That's beautiful. I don't know much about this issue, in these terms so will study you here and research.

Cassandra Troy said...

Only kidding, but true in a sense: by our insights alone Man is evolving as a species! LOL ;-))

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