Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Closure For the Victims of 911

Thank the 'religion of peace' and their Leftist accessories for that.

Proponents of the Ground Zero mega Mosque project are defending it on the basis of the freedoms of expression and religion. But neither liberty guarantees the erection of prayer houses at will.

These grounds are simply false. The freedom of religion is in the good hands of New York's 999 other Mosques. No one is denying them their liberty in that respect.

The question rather is, if your objective is the building of bridges, as imam Rauf alleges, is lifting your middle finger to 3,000 mourning families and 67 percent of Americans, the way to go? Of course not.

- Caption: proximity of the Cordoba project to human remains recovered - Hat tip: Ground Zero Mosque News -

Perhaps it should be clarified what kind of 'bridges' imam Rauf has in mind? Maybe our interpretation of bridging the gap between the Muslim and the Western world is a wrong assumption. If on the other hand he has an Islamic beachhead in the heart of the Dar-al-Harb in mind, this would explain his intransigence.

This event exposes the true objectives of the Cordoba Project, a name - now ditched - not chosen by accident. It has everything to do with power over infidels. No mistake, this building around the corner of Ground Zero is a trophy.

On the other hand pastor Terry Jones has had his website closed down and the full weight of the Obama administration coming down on him like a ton of bricks. Never mind his liberties.

As in many other places in the world, time and again the freedom of expression has been subordinated to public safety and national security considerations endangered by threats of Muslim rioting and terrorism. It has long become a pattern. Muslim intolerance is going to cost us our freedom as we become the constant subject of blackmail.

In a recent CNN interview with Soledad O'Brian imam Rauf - on grounds best known to himself - argued that moving the project to another location would be construed by Muslims as an attack on Islam. As usual national security was used as a crowbar. It was a thinly veiled threat.

Again: at issue is not if imam Rauf may build his Cordoba Project, but this specific location near hallowed ground. Why not move it to another location where it doesn't upset the victims of the 911 attack? The Muslim community would gain respect tremendously by such a gesture. But no.

Apparently only Muslims are allowed to take offence; it's just their feelings that must be spared. Hurting them would be Islamophobia. The sensitivities of the families of 911 and 67 percent of Americans are immaterial.

Making matters worse, some of the proponents are very well aware they are trampling on the feelings of the victims: a vigil was held on Friday instead of Saturday "out of respect for victims and families of the 911 attacks". Yes, but we're still going to shove a 13 story Islamic Center down your throat!

The issue - and that is before the stand off with pastor Terry Jones - is indicative of the bad faith of the Muslim elite in the West and the moral bankruptcy of the Left that is aiding and abetting their advances.

The stand off with pastor Terry Jones is quiet revealing. Jones was claiming yesterday an accomodation was reached with the Muslim clerics: his bonfires against the Mosque's relocation.

A spokesman for the Cordoba project is rejecting Jones' claim. He would, of course.

Jones meanwhile is shocked, shocked: "We are just really shocked," Jones said. "He clearly, clearly lied to us."

What's so shocking about Muslims exercising their birthright to lie to infidels (taqqiyah)?

They already launched the false equation of "their radicals" versus "our radicals" - as if a book burning pastor is on moral par with murderous terrorists?! But of course they do not look upon "their" terrorists as radicals. That epithet is reserved for those who go against the letter of Islam. There are no radicals on his side. Sharia law is taking care of that!

If there's one thing worse than a Swiss army knife wielding jihadist, it's a double tongued, duplicitous Muslim version of Grima Wormtongue. We've seen the type before in the person of Tariq Ramadan. There are many more who are using a toxic brew of traditional Muslim deception and Western postmodern sophistry against us.

For all his lack of sophistication and enlightenment, Jones is the only one standing up to the threats and the blackmail. At least what he's got in return were bargaining chips and Rauf et al. showing their true intentions.

As for the argument that "Muslims died on 911 too", I'm sure so did at least one Japanese. I can't recall the Japanese calling for a Shinto temple, either near Ground Zero or overlooking Pearl Harbor.

The double standard that transpires the entire event is a typical example of the postmodern dialectic. This is precisely how the mechanism of the redistribution of rights is worked. Ignore it at your peril.

The "Project" - the cultural take-over of the Western world - is right on course.


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