Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maintaining a Sense of Humor in a Two-Dimensional Universe

Having done away with universal truths and moral consciousness, the question is, how does a postmodern Leftist maintain a perspective on things and how does he preserve his mental sanity?

It's quite a burden to look at the universe as essentially absurd, meaningless; a human being as nothing more then a collection of cells and hormonal goo, deprived of free will and true choice.

The flat universe which has become form and form only, behind which is there is more form and ultimately just meaningless waves of nothingness, is quiet a challenge - sanity wise.

Although cynicism is only normal in people with such an outlook on life, this is yet exacerbated by the practical and moral demise of Rightist and Leftist collectivism.

While Rightist collectivism didn't make it past World War II, Leftist collectivism lived another day, causing decades of untold human misery, nevertheless claiming the moral high ground in the face of it.

Enough to make a cynic out of the most misguided idealist ...

In theory postmodernism deals with this absurdist, Heideggerian world view by adopting the "ironic" style: with a wink, "quotation marks" or a smile, tongue firmly in cheek.

This is the theory. But human nature being what it is, tends to look with less favor on nihilism. Indeed, in the last century communists and National Socialists pointed out their view of nothingness by committing mass murder on grandiose scales - without meaning, anything goes!

See how lucky we are in this moment in time they limit themselves today to a bit of obnoxious humor? Yet they seem impervious to the fact that their "ironic" sense of humor comes across as highly unpleasant - bitter and sarcastic, rather than ironic.

Their unwillingness to pass moral judgment even on the most morally depraved may well land some in precarious situations. Take Dutch journablogger Bert Brussen who posted a screen shot on his blog of a tweet excreted by an 'artistic manager', Mohammed Ghabri with the sole comment: "This is how to threaten Geert Wilders".

Ghabri challenged his followers thusly:
"High reward for one who will slit Wilders' throat. Preferably from right to left, but from left to right is also acceptable".
Brussen's lack of moral condemnation was read by the Public Prosecution Service as an endorsement of Ghabri's threat. They are pondering a case. Brussen spent hours of interrogation in a local police precinct.

Commentators are now criticizing the Prosecution Service for having missed Brussen's "ironic" sense of humor.

The "irony" is, that the Justice Department is on the verge of collapse from its infestation with postmodern thought. Nevertheless, they didn't 'get' this particular punchline.

These are the pitfalls of a belief in the flat universe and the cynicism that ensues.


- "Postmodern Ravages"
- "Pomo Lingo"


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