Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Truth About Terror

It's time once more to post another remarkable piece by Dutch Iranian university lecturer Afshin Ellian. For a while I feared he'd gone all postmodern on me, but if so, he has now largely made up with present outstanding piece on the killing of Neda Agha Soltan at the hands of a Basij militiaman.

It is truly breathtaking that those who advocate talking to Hamas and other Islamofascists, are refusing to engage into coalition talks with Geert Wilders and his PVV party, as is the case in the Netherlands (i.e. the Leftist segment of the Christian Democrat party, CDA).

A similar movement can be discerned in the broohaha over the propaganda flotilla of Free Gaza, while the same people keep stumm over the Iranian clamp down of the Green rebellion.

Regime change in Iran would have been the best bet yet for peace in the Middle East. Yet the implied notion of the ideas proposed by the islamophiliacs for improved relations with Muslims, is to sacrifice the tiny postage stamp that is the nation of Israel.

- Caption: Atlas Shrugs posted a photo of Neda wearing a Christian crucifix, first published on an unspecified German site - 

These people have really somewhere lost sight of reality. Otherwise they would have remembered that Israel, since its legitimate inception, hasn't had a moment of peace. "The occupation" of which they speak is a result of the wars against Israel. The former PM of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar has stressed that again in an article in Times this week entitled "If Israel Goes Down, We All Go Down".

Aznar also announced the foundation of a new Israel support group, Friends for Israel, an initiative he took with a number of other prominent thinkers and politicians: the Northern Ireland politician David Trimble, British historian and journalist Andrew Roberts, the American former ambassador to the UN John Bolton, the former President of Peru Alejandro Toledo, filosopher and former President of the Italian Senate Marcello Pera, the Italian author and politician Fiamma Nirenstein, financier Robert Agostinelli and the Catholic apologist and author George Weigel.

In the meanwhile things are really heating up in the Middle East.

Turkey has made a 180 degrees paradigm U turn and has turned its back on the West. On the insistence of the loony West democracy's watchdog, the Turkish army, was sent to barracks and the Islamists won the day. Erdogan has already embraced Iran and Syria. He may even have strategic aspirations regarding the reconstitution of the Caliphate. Syria is back in charge in Lebanon, without anyone in the 'international community' crying foul over unacceptable meddling.

Hezbollah in the south of Lebanon has replenished its arsenal under the watchful eye of the UN peacekeepers (Iran state press claiming "UN confirms there are no hidden missiles in Lebanon").

Two weeks ago we witnessed how Israel was forced to trade security and sovereignty for propaganda with the terror flotilla. The Turkish model of the m/s "Mavi Marmara" was so successful that repeat performances are already under way. Lebanese and Iranian vessels, laden with martyr wannabes have been despatched to break the blockade of Gaza. The latter did so with unapologetic support of the regime.

Here's the gist of Ellian's post (partly paraphrased, partly verbatim translation).

Iran showed its true face with the killing of Neda Agha Sultan on June 20, 2009. The world stood by as she died. She wanted human rights and democratic principles. The regime wants laws based on the Koran, sharia and theocracy.

Neda was killed by a Basij, a member of the Islamofascist militia. A few days prior to her death she spoke to a couple of female police officers. They told her an awful truth: "Honey, you should stop going to these rallies, because you are too beautiful. They hate beautiful women. They hate beauty. I know them. Please stop going".

The regime and the militia are targetting beautiful women, because in their minds they must be secularists. Only secular women dare show their beauty. The Islamists hate everything human and beautiful. (Dare I say they share a value here with western Leftists, who also hate anything outstanding, such as wealth and wisdom.)

Neda was killed. There's newly discovered footage of her sad death (warning: explicit!). Antony Thomas has produced a documentary about Neda and her life. It also explains the Green movement and what it entails. It's an impressive document available in three languages: Farsie, Arabic and English.

"For Neda" is narrated by Shohreh Aghdashlo, a successful, Emmy Award winning actress who played in "House of Sand and Fog", "The Stoning of Soraya" and in the anti terror series "24". (See also a post on the Lighthouse on "The Stoning of Soraya".)

Shortly after Neda's death CNN secretly dispatched a young Iranian journalist to Tehran to interview her family. Who was she? In many ways a girl like any other in any other place in the world. But this wasn't just anywhere. This was the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In his last statement Mir Hussein Mousavi has laid out the Green movement's manifesto. Three concepts are standing out: the state of law, legitimacy and freedom. Legitimacy can only be based on the will of the people.

Allah, the highest spiritual leader, the Koran and sharia law are not mentioned as sources on which the political order draws its legitimacy. Moussavi is also proposing to scrap discriminatory laws affecting women.

Who was the true master of the Basij that was responsible for the act of terror that killed Neda? According to the hadith of Abu Hurairah the Prophet Mohammed was victorious through terror - ‘Wa nosrat belro’b’ means to win through terror.

Leader Khamenei is claiming to act according to the tradition of the Prophet. The Prophet Mohammed claims that victory through terror is one of his five attributes, not of his (pre Islamic) predecessors. The narrator of this often recited hadith is Jabir bin Abdullah.

It is Mohammed's terror that took the life of Neda on June 20, 2009. This is the truth.

Update: Oh hell, the Lebanese feminazis are coming!

JP: "A floating symbol of failure" 


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