Saturday, March 20, 2010

Live Tweets From Code Red Washington DC #KillTheBill

Update: protests continue unabaited


And while the Health Care Reform Bill is a direct assault on the soul of America, it could have been a wonderful day of purpose, united for liberty.

But the warped mind of the opponents, being racists, couldn't let so much democracy stand in the way of a good, racial slur. Gateway Pundit has the story. Herebelow is the video disproving the "manufactured offense".

You have to ask yourself, whatever were the people of the Black Caucus thinking to expose themselves to such an "angry mob"? Doesn't the Capitol have a back door or some other means to leave the building? It's almost a provocation. Couldn't it be that since nothing untoward happened, the required results were simply imagined (thought creates reality)?

Update: some commentators (BarbaraS, el Polacko) on the Gateway Pundit posting are making the same point. And there's an eye witness: it never happened.

More footage on Dana Loesch.

Charlie Martin on PJM is covering the numbers game and the media coverage (or lack there of):
(...) It would appear that a decent estimate for the size of the rally by the end was at least 30,000 people; tweeted estimates in excess of 40,000 seem a bit high.
But credit where credit is due: this time, the media estimates are only off by a factor of between 10 and 100.
Larrey Anderson looks ahead on probable constitutional challenges.

Gateway pundit video


- Anne's Power Surge Blog: "More Proof That There Was NO Racial Slur"

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Andrew Breitbart is putting up $10,000 of his own money for one instance of the N word!

- Big Hollywood: "Lonewolf Diaries: Hollywood Liberals Say “Proof is For Fruitcakes!”", by Steven Crowder


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