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Terror is an Art Form in Iran (Updated)

A bomb blast in Tehran  on Tuesday January 12 claimed the life of Iranian physicist, Masoud Ali Mohammadi (50), a professor at Tehran University and described as a "well known figure" in Tehran. He is said to be a nuclear scientist as well as the author of several articles on quantum and theoretical physics in scientific journals. He was a member of academic associations related to experimental science and received his doctorate in 1992.

State controlled media reported he "was martyred in a terrorist act by anti-revolutionary and "arrogant powers' elements" and quoted Iran's foreign ministry spokesman saying Mohammadi was a "devoted revolutionary professor". Yet he does not seem to have been connected to the Iran's nuclear program or the regime.

Although he was not an outspoken or visible supporter of Iran's opposition Green movement, he publicly backed opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi in the disputed June Presidential election. Before the election, pro-reform Web sites published Mohammadi's name among a list of 240 university teachers who supported Mousavi.

That makes him entirely dispensable to the regime, who have been quick to point the finger at Iran's inside and outside enemies: the opposition, America and Israel. Opposition sources fear the regime will use the assassination as an excuse for further crack downs.

Tensions are running high in Tehran where hard-liners - at the instigation of the regime - are calling for the execution of opposition leaders. Informed sources say what is keeping them from using the "China model" crack down on the resistance are the military and the Revolutionary Guard, who for now appear to have taken the side of the people.

The assassination comes during growing international frustration over the nuclear issue and the detention of 33 Mourning Mothers. The International Campaign for Human Rights said more than 100 police and plainclothes officers broke up a gathering of the Mourning Mothers in Laleh Park on Saturday afternoon. The group, formed by women whose children have been killed in recent anti-government protests, gathers every weekend at the park to call attention to the deaths.

Perhaps not yet a "China model" crack down, but five people arrested after protests during the recent Ashura holy day could face the death penalty. They will be tried for Moharebe, or waging war against God - a charge punishable by execution.

One news web site affiliated with a prominent cleric is stating the assassination is probably the work of the People's Mujahedeen under the direction of Israeli agents. Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said there are "signs of the triangle of wickedness by the Zionist regime, America and their hired agents visible in the terrorist act".

No one has claimed responsibility for the blast and at this stage there could only be speculation as to possible motives for the attack, including state terrorism and agitation. The People's Mujahedeen have denied any involvement.


JAN. 17: Ellian concurs in a post that Masoud Ali Mohammadi must have been killed on the orders of the regime itself; probably by the Quds Division of the Revolutionary Guard, sort of a Foreign Legion consisting of expat terrorists trained in Iran. The assassination was probably carried out by a Hezbollah Lebanese named Abu Nasr. Pictures of him have surfaced on Al Jazeera TV and elsewhere. It wouldn't be the first time. It even happened in Europe: a Kurdish leader was assassinated by a Quds operative in Berlin. The killer was apprehended and convicted.

- Caption: the 'funeral' of Masoud Ali Mohammadi, directed by the regime, mourners made up of security personnel. It was also an occasion for more arrests - 

Mohammadi's violent death will mark the beginning of more terror against the opposition. The message is, should Khamenei fall, the Quds Division will turn Iran into a new Lebanon. It is estimated that some 3,000 armed, Arab operatives are active in Iran. The Revolutionary Guard proper is still thought to be on the side of the opposition. If they manage to neutralize the expat terrorists, this will be very good news for Lebanon, Iraq and the entire Middle East as well.

JAN. 18: Looks like this was picking a fight.

RealClearWorld: "Iran vows revenge on Israel over professor's death"


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