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The Professor's Proposal for an Expert Witness

Next Wednesday January 20 marks the beginning of a political show trial the likes of which have not been seen in the Netherlands in living memory. If it's not thrown out of Court on it's ear, I don't think I want to live here any longer. But no worry, Afshin Ellian has a bright idea. On his blog on Elsevier he posted yesterday:

Those in power in Islamist Iran represent a pure form of political Islam. It is a unapologetic form of Islamofascism, which includes antisemitism. The self-appointed President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often expresses himself in antisemitic terms. Are there any other functionaries in the Islamic Government like that?

Ayatollah Khamenei is supported by other antisemitic clerics holding an ideology that is apocalyptic in nature. They believe that the appearance of the 12th Imam must be triggered through strife and mayhem (like any other collectivist, Utopian narrative, CT).

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is Khamenei's most important supporter. He sits on a great number of Government bodies. In an address on January 5 he elaborated at length on the Jewish question. To wit:

A depraved people
The Jews are the most depraved people. No other country, tribe or region has a people like that. The Jews see themselves as the chosen ones; spoiled, adopted children of God to whom other people, as well as animals, must be sacrificed.

The Jews are cunning in politics. They have sought cooperation with a group of Christians and have become Christian Jews. They are in charge of American politics. The West is actually ruled by them. They are secretly in charge. They sow conflicts in the world. For as long as they haven't been able to destroy Islam, they will not leave Muslims in peace.

We believe the Jews are the true enemies of Islam and the Koran. They have made this known 140 years ago (Ellian doesn't elaborate. Would suggest it is a reference to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a hoax concocted by the Czar's secret police, were it not it is of a younger age. Perhaps he's refering to Iranian national history, CT).

Their crimes throughout history represent this truth. Yet some Iranians are misled and refuse to accept it. They hold that instead of shouting "death to America" we should sell them our oil. They also want us to open up the same centers of perfidity we had before the revolution.

He's also speaking in superlatives: the most this, the highest that. There are only a few thousand Jews in Iran, but there are millions of Muslims. The protesters are also Muslims, but they no longer want to shout "death to America and to Israel". Yet Mesbah Yazdi is stoking fear and hatred in the people for Jews, in order to cause death and destruction. But those terrorising the Iranian people aren't the Jews, but Muslim zealots like Mesbah Yazdi.

Who is the murderer of the person in this video? It's the Islamic security agencies - assisted by Iranian SA, the brown shirts (Basij) - who terrorise the people. Isn't this proof that Mesbah Yazdi himzelf belongs to the most depraved, criminal mob on earth?

Yet Mesbah Yazdi's speech sounds strangely familiar. Jog your mind and replace Islam with Arian race. We've heard these words uttered during the thirties of the last century. I don't intend to demonize Mesbah Yazdi.

He is allowed to hate Jews and the state of Israel. Nevertheless, the narrative is the same as Nazi propaganda. It is the style of (Hitler's book, CT) Mein Kampf (which includes Hitler's German Volk victimhood narrative, never to be underestimated as a justification for violent action: "we are under attack!", CT).


Geert Wilders MP should subpoena Mesbah Yazdi as an expert witness. Mesbah Yazdi must be questioned about his views on Jews. Are they rooted in the Koran? The proceedings must be broadcast live. Islam will be on trial.

If Mesbah Yazdi has guts, he'll come to Amsterdam to proclaim His Kampf to the world. His safety will be guaranteed. He'll safely return to barracks in Tehran. It will be up to the Iranian people to call his criminal words and actions into question. They will do so shortly.

A Dutch Judge will have to subpoena Mesbah Yazdi at the request of Geert Wilders, MP. Let defending council Abraham Moszkowicz question him about the Jews and their tragic fate. Wilders should show him historical material and videos of murdered Iranians. Then the parallels between Nazism and Islamism will become apparent.

We shall be reporting throughout next week on the Wilders trial.

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James Higham said...

The religious oligarchy in such states certainly seems insurmountable but then again, so did that of the USSR.

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