Wednesday, January 6, 2010

#ClimateGate - BREAKING NEWS - of Knorr, Mao and the War on Reality

IBD just put up a post, announcing two more nails in the coffin of warm mongering.

The first is a study carried out by Wolfgang Knorr of Bristol's Earth Sciences Department. Unlike the climate charlatans of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia Knorr followed the data where it may lead. He concluded that just 45% of anthropogenic CO2 remains in the earth's atmosphere. The remainder is absorbed by nature. Those figures have not changed since 1850!  IBD:

"Knorr arrived at the figures by relying solely on measurements and statistical data, including historical records extracted from Antarctic ice. He did not rely, as the CRU did, on badly written computer models with built-in fudge factors to direct the data to a foregone conclusion."
The study, published in Geophysical Research Letters doesn't deny that increasing amounts of CO2 have been generated as the world industrialized, but it also eradicated disease, produced agricultural abundance and improved man's standard of living. CO2 is an indispensable element for life on earth.

Climate believers hold that all man-made emissions are pollutants, the cause of climate change - the word in itself a tautology.

But there's more good news on the climate front. Anthony Watts of is reporting that the carbon footprint as a result of deforestation in order to grow crops for climate saving biofuels, have been overestimated by a factor two.

It is borne out by another study carried out by a team led by Guido van der Werf of the VU University in Amsterdam, published in November in Nature Geoscience.

In the US, preempting Obama's unprecedented Cap 'n Trade Bill, the Environmental Protection Agency has declared CO2 a toxic substance. Reduced to its root Leftism is a war on reality. The EPA's indictment of natural gas reminds me of China during Mao's Great Leap Forward when the masses were also mobilized to unleash a campaign against the metaphysical. Target was the humble sparrow, considered a fiend to the success of the drive for agricultural collectivism. In that light it should perhaps come as no surprise that the Obama administration enjoys its share of Mao admirers.


Elsevier: Dutch (right wing) liberal VVD party is demanding independent scientific study of climate change


- "Greenism" (dossier includes COP15 and Climategate)
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James Higham said...

I hope we get a mini-ice age, as in the C17th. I vastly prefer this snow/cold we have now.

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