Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Sinister Gathering in the City of Light Bulbs

Today in the southern Dutch town of Eindhoven - original seat of the Philips light bulb emporium - a five day international convention of Islamists is kicking off. It's keeping domestic and international secret services off the Christmas pudding. Authorities fear the gathering will be used to raise funds for international jihad.

The meeting is organized by the Al Waqf al Islami Foundation, also based in Eindhoven. Venue is the Al Furqan Mosque, listed as radical and under continued observation by the AIVD Intelligence Service. At least one board member has been connected in the past with fund raising for Al Qaeda.

Intelligence services are primarily interested in the goings-on in the periphery of the conclave. But a spokesman of the Al Waqf Foundation has declined to take any responsibility for what happens outside the mosque. He said discussions will center on Muslim affairs, but that the convention is open to anyone.

Among the key note speakers are renowned Islamic scholars from all over the world. One of them, a Saudi imam, is blacklisted in his country for his radical views.

The Council's theme is also suspect: "Challenges concerning the integration of Muslims in the Netherlands". Intelligence say it is cover for the actual agenda: raising funds for terrorist operations and the prevention of Muslim integration.

De Telegraaf newspaper is reporting that Dutch imams who support integration have unanimously condemned the convention. "An imam who lives and works in Saudi Arabia has a completely different life experience and frame of reference than one who lives in the Netherlands".

"If one poses the question if his wife is allowed to drive a car, the answer will be no, as it would be in Saudi Arabia. And that would stand in the way of integration", one source is reported as saying. "These kinds of Councils frustrate the good intentions of Dutch imams".

For what that is worth.


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James Higham said...

Troublemakers - deportation.

Merry Christmas, Cassandra.

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