Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Crucial Day for the Iranian Resistance

Afshin Ellian once again throws light on the situation in Iran and has some harsh words for Obama and his postmodern foreign policies towards Iran.

What to think of the morally relativistic initiatives of John Kerry and his request for parley, while his office is flatly denying it?

In an article on Wall Street Journal Ellian explains the unique and specific nature of the Iranian theocracy:
The regime's theological nature gives it a very different perception of reality. Despite the popular unrest and growing rift between the regime and the military and clergy, Ahmadinejad has no reason to see himself as weak or illegitimate. In his world view, bolstered by people such as Ayatollah Yazde, his regime does not rely on the consent of the people or dissident ayatollahs. Instead, it gains its legitimacy by its obedience to Allah. The regime surely fears the people, but controlling the masses serves the greater cause of obedience to Allah and therefore the interests of the people are of no real importance to this regime.
Ellian also has an important post up on Elsevier on events during Ashura on December 27 and today, a crucial day in the resistance against Islamofascism. As it's very lengthy I'll limit the translation to the main points:

Sunday marked the bloodiest Ashura in Iran's history. Ahmadinejad claimed the protests were stoked by the Americans and Israelis. A video shows a police car purposefully careering into the public. More video.

Sometimes police are driven into a corner by the public. Some women even try to protect them from the angry masses (photo).

Ellian, a lecturer at Leiden University of Law Philosophy ponders the question what the legal status is of a State that willfully and indiscriminately molests and kills its people? Does it still hold the Mandate of Heaven?

He answers the question negatively: on the basis of Natural Law as well as International Law, a State that no longer protects the people - indeed attacks it - has lost its moral status. It has become a criminal gang.

Since Sunday thousands have been arrested. Jails and military compounds are packed. Intelligence believes a group of professional agitators is stoking the unrest. Protesters held the streets of Tehran for at least two hours before indiscriminate shooting ensued.

Reliable sources have told Ellian the arrested are being tortured to reveal the names of the organizers: perhaps former military and Revolutionary Guardsmen, or veterans of the Iran-Iraq War. They also want confessions of Israeli and American involvement.

Among those arrested are protesters, journalists, students, political activists from the circle of Mousavi and Karoubi, and family members of opposition figures like the sister of Nobel Laureate Shrin Ebadi.

They've concocted a different plan to deal with the leaders of the opposition. Today members of the Basij militias and the Revolutionary Guard will hit the streets to demand their arrest and execution. A Government Ministry has sent an official letter to its civil servants ordering them to participate - the Iranian equivalent of the "Cuban postcard".

They've also planned to barricade Mousavi's office. If he shows up, they'll attack him.

Today is a crucial day. "Tonight will prove if the Iranian Emperor Nero, Khamenei, is capable of arresting the leaders of the opposition. If he does, Tehran will go up in flames. Islamic Nero can watch has diabolical handiwork from a distance."

Ellian wraps up in a post script: no site in the west is capable of following the historical events in Iran from minute to minute. International media often consult his blog as a basis for reports and analysis. It's also read by friend and foe in the Iranian community. In a rare show of gratitude he thanks the Editors and the readership for their loyal support.

More by Ellian on "Ellian Blogs".


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