Saturday, October 3, 2009

How the MSM Lost its Integrity and is in Danger of Losing its Soul Too (updated)

A few weeks ago, as I was already dozing off into the early morning hours, I was just scanning the radio one more time for a last tasty morsel of news of the day, when I was rudely awakened by such a vile piece of propaganda, I wouldn't have been surprised had it turned out to be a nightmare. It's not something one expects from a Dutch radio station that has found its niche in business and management news.

But it is - sad to say - the sort of smear that is on the battle order of the day in the American culture wars. I wasn't prepared for it then and there in all its blatant 'in-your-face'ness. I can't even reproduce it verbatim, but the following is a close representation:

American talk show host Glenn Beck is a lying liar and he's spreading vicious rumors about the dear leader's birth certificate and that he's a racist and it's simply untrue. Beck is not just a lying liar, he also raped and murdered someone decades ago.
Eh? Regular readers know yours truly to be a close follower of Beck's, but most Dutch have never even heard of him, or his ilk. I'm well aware what Beck is trying to accomplish and where he's coming from. Actually, Beck is a bit of a late-comer on the scene. He's pursuing matters this blog has been trying to tease out since 2006. Present development are merely a temporary culmination of a process set in train years ago.

I had also seen the site that originated the rape and murder smear and decided that ignoring it was probably the best policy. It hardly made any bones about it that it had been made up for the sole purpose of tainting Glenn Beck, to make him suspicious in circles of Conservative orthodoxy. You know, where there's smoke ... etc.

And here I was in the middle of the night, after the closing figures of the Nasdaq hearing the smear repeated in all its viciousness. It's the culture war at its most base. It also made me have another look at the radio station in question.

Its promotion of "sustainability" and hammering on "corporate responsibility" fairly gives the game away. In the Dutch political landscape that places it firmly in the realm of the Leftist D66 Democratic Party which is rooted in 60s relativism of the counter cultural revolution. Worse, the party is not liberal, but crypto Socialist. This comes to the fore in all kinds of naive forms of collectivism. What's more, they're very apologetic where encroaching islamization is concerned.

The next day I mailed the editor my complaint, asking for a response which I duly received. The gist ran as follows:

The charge as broadcast on radio is also posted on the blog with link
s to supporting material. Beck ridiculously accuses Obama of being a racist, and that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery (in all honesty, that is a charge made by others, it says).  But the station's accusations do not stop at that. Said hosts [sic] are serial lying liars. Ann Coulter is paraded as another typical example.

The suggestion to 'google' "Glenn Beck lies" ominously promises to yield "some interesting results". The missive goes on to recommend the book "Lies and the lying liars who tell them" by Al Franken. In the book Franken documents the mendacity of the Conservative media in detail. In the effort he was assisted by an entire team from Harvard.

Well, it's quite a relief to know that the Dutch MSM is using independent sources to document the slander they uncritically proliferate. The Dutch and other Europeans have swallowed the Democratic slant hook, line and sinker across the political board, from Left to Right.

It can only be hoped that at some point a rude awakening from their illusions will take place. But like in the States, the amount of denial and evasion has reached breathtaking proportions.

At this point they are blissfully unaware the Democratic party has been hijacked by the most authocratic followers of Marx since Joseph Stalin. Of the corrupt pit of Chicago machine politics, the Alinsky Rules for Radicals and the Tea Parties they are ignorant altogether.

It is beyond me how a self-respecting editor can seriously come up with a slanderous accusation against a person and a subject he obviously knows nothing about; when challenged he produces one single source a child can see is blatantly partisan. Besides 'googling for lies,' not one attempt has been made to seriously document the charges! Ah, it's clown Al Franken and his team from Harvard, so it must be okay then.

Investigative journalism - or even ordinary reporting for that matter - is as dead as a doornail. Its practitioners are undereducated, mentally lobotomized ideobots who are unable to figure out that the statement, "my grandmother had racism bred into her" is in itself an act of racism. But words are conceptless labels to these people!

As for the "birthers" charge, that beggars the question why, instead of producing  a $10 birth certificate, Obama to date has spent over one million dollars in legal fees to keep the document from becoming public. But that's all lying lies from lying liars, of course. Well, get yourself a Pullitzer and prove it!


Bill Whittle of Pajamas TV compares the victory last week of Andrew Breitbart over ACORN and the MainStreamMedia with the sacking of Rome by Hannibal. The story not just showed ACORN for what it is - a corrupt organization - but it has exposed the MSM is in the business of news suppression.  He also has a caveat for Andrew: Rome's vengance was terrible!

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Glenn Beck on the idiotic stories surrounding his past - a diversion really - when the world as we know it is collapsing over our ears and the lamestream media has abdicated their duties:

Having just gone through eight long years of the delusion and denial called Bush Derangement Syndrome, the following article and accompanying video very well shows the narrative as well as the phenomenon of psychological projection. We can Mr Schaefer (interviewed by Maddow) actually rehearsing the points that make up the 'narrative':

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