Saturday, September 12, 2009

912DC: Which New America, Which New World?

This memorable day, September 12, 2009 thousands and thousands of Americans - a coalition of grassroots, non-partisan movement of ordinary citizens - will be descending upon the capital of their nation, Washington D.C. They will be protesting against the covert sea-change revolution called "change" that is taking place in their country. Few outside the US may know it, but all is not well in the land since We the People was replaced with Hope&Change.

The conceptless label "change" probably originates in the relativist, progressivist philosophy of Pragmatism, but it certainly appears on the terminology index of Neuro Linguistic Programming (or Hypnosis 2.0). NLP is a rather hip, unscientific discipline used primarily in alternative therapies, the counselling industry and in the world of motivational training and coaching.

The Left embraced it as a great opportunity to manipulate others into conforming with their ethics program (the aim justifies the means!). Political correctness is but one branch of that school. Other applications of NLP are less obvious.

The all powerful Cass Sunstein, Obama's Regulatory Czar (since confirmed: 57-40) and author of NLP copybook "The Nudge", has hugely contributed to Obama's "voodoo" campaign (do go to the nudge blog for further ideas, suggestions and interactivity). The "hope&change" brand label may have been his baby, or the King of Astroturf's, David Axelrod. It is beside the point.

If "change" is to become a concept in lieu of a nominal label meaning "transition", it needs further specification: what is the status quo and what is the final goal; how is it reached and why is it desirable? Nobody offered specifics and nobody asked. An entire nation was seduced by a brand label presented by an elegant young black man with a smooth-working teleprompter.

America is no ordinary nation either but the sole country on the face of the earth based on a philosophy! Guess what "change" means for a nation that embodies individualism and personal autonomy? America may not be perfect in practice (who is?), but it is only based upon the best idea conceived by man since the Epiphany of the great Constantine?

Ayn Rand teaches us this about ethics: most choices in every day life play out in a spectrum of greys, but in times of moral stress clear choices become an imperative: good and evil become a zero sum game in which evil has nothing to contribute to the good and good has nothing to gain from evil: every compromise becomes a concession to and the negotiator an accomplice of evil. 

Increasingly Americans (and others as well) shall be facing the stark choice, not between the status quo or change, but more basically answer the question if their country is based on a philosophy that reflects human nature, or if they will follow into the footsteps of the Utopists that have gone before us, and whose legacies are filling the history books.

Much as opponents will spin and portray the protestors - often middle aged novices to bull horns and placards - as mobs of racist mercenaries of corporate interests, anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will recognize the fairness of their goals and merits. Accusations uttered by the opponents are already sounding shrill and are becoming ever giving subject of ridicule.
Few people understand the momentous nature of the brink on which humanity currently stands. But these Americans are the vanguard of a groundswell waking up to reality! Will individual rights and freedom prevail, or do we follow the enslavers who lure us with tales of victimhood and entitlement - ficticious injury to be redressed solely by a  increasingly fascististic state, a vicious alignment of corporatism in the service of total government?


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