Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honduras and the UN: The Rule of Law in the Postmodern World

Greta van Susteren talks to the Honduran interim 'coup' leader Roberto Micheletti.

Part I

Part II

As the world's autocrats and dictators are descending upon New York for the 64th UN General Assembly - from Iran's student murdering A/jad, and the mad dog of the dessert Ghadafy to the collection of Arab despots and the crypto commies from China and Russia - but one man is excluded from the unholy assembly: you've guessed it, Roberto Micheletti whose visa has been revoked by the post racial, post Enlightenment President Barack Obama.

New York Daily News: "President Obama's big UN adventure", by John Bolton
President Obama's upcoming visit to the 64th UN General Assembly, which opened yesterday, will be nothing if not entertaining. Substantively, Obama should be delighted. A confluence of recent events has brought to fruition his campaign promises to launch diplomacy with our adversaries: Negotiations without preconditions are blooming everywhere. (...)

As Obama speaks, the General Assembly will be chaired by former Libyan Foreign Minister Ali Abdessalam Triki, who was elected president of that body yesterday. Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy himself addresses the General Assembly right after Obama, and they will certainly have a chance to speak together in the cozy waiting area just behind the General Assembly podium. This would be an excellent opportunity to discuss the health of recently released mass murderer Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, convicted of destroying Pan Am Flight 103 and killing 270 people, including 189 Americans, and now free in Tripoli, Libya.

(...) there is no reason why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should not be on the guestlist. Perhaps he and Obama can have a photo together as Ahmadinejad goes through the receiving line and begin those direct, unconditional talks that Obama promised during the 2008 campaign. Ahmadinejad might well offer a few thoughts on his overwhelming presidential reelection victory on June 12, and his techniques for handling partisan opposition. Even if Ahmadinejad's invitation gets lost in the mail, there are still photo opportunities in abundance, perhaps at the UN secretary general's annual luncheon for visiting heads of state.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is unlikely to attend the opening festivities, because, due to unfortunate "technicalities," his country is still at war with the UN, and has been since it invaded South Korea in 1950. Nonetheless, the Obama administration has enthusiastically embraced negotiations with Pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program, so perhaps Kim can be persuaded to come next year for a roper presidential photo.(...) >>>

Oh, and while on the subject of Darwinian geopolitics: on the eve of the Soviet Union invading Poland, Obama flings Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus. How sensitive and empathic! Mr President, your reflexes are indicative of your ideogical roots. 


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