Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Somebody Hand the Pope an AK-47!

Yet another day into the Green Counter Revolution, and another post in Elsevier authored by Dutch-Iranian refugee and Leiden University lecturer, Afshin Ellian puts a fascinating light on the ideology of pieces.

Try imagine Pope Benedict delivering Sunday Blessings at Rome's St Peter's Square holding a Kalashnikov. Laughable? Are you one of those who are convinced that "religion is never violent"? Try Islam! Well, perhaps it is not a religion, but a political ideology masquerading as one.

After all, until well into the last century almost all thought systems worth their weight were based on a theological structure - even one as innocent as Naturalism - simply because to many it was the only frame of reference available. Sit down for this one:

An Imam, a Prayer and a Machine Gun

Before the Iranian Revolution a majority of Iranians didn't know what Friday Prayers was. Well, it's like Sunday Service [or Mass]. In the time of the Shah it was held in a few mosques on a limited scale. But after the revolution Imam Khomeini appointed Friday Imams in all Iranian cities. Tehran has four of them. The University of Tehran was named as the official site for Friday Prayers to be held.

The Friday Imam holds a two part sermon while he touts a weapon, a kalashnikov or another machine gun. Yes, even for us that was a extraordinary sight to behold: an Imam, a machine gun and a Prayer.

I suspect in Saudi Arabia an Imam holds a sword. Can you imagine a vicar holding a gun while delivering his sermon? It's hardly imaginable. It's a clear example of one of the violent aspects of Islam.

Imam Khomeini defined Friday Prayers as a deed of worship as much as a political act. Ultimately, it is a political act more than anything else.

After a while Friday Prayers became less popular. Only the established order attended, and there weren't that many. This is why soldiers and officers (in plain clothes) are brought in on occasions the world needs to be impressed.

Last Friday was different. All kinds of people attended Friday Prayers because of its political connotation. Finally it became a mass demonstration against the regime.

The Friday Imam, Rafsanjani (the regime's second man) was openly crititical of the Government. According to Rafsanjani the regime is in an unprecedented crisis, the result of the way in which this Government treats its citizens. He took the opportunity to make known his displeasure with the performance of the security services towards the citizens. Rafsanjani concluded that the Islamic regime has lost its credibility when the citizens no longer trust the apparatus of state.

Iran is an Islamic Republic. Rafsanjani concluded that the Republican aspect of the regime is in danger and therefore the regime itself. It's a correct conclusion, but it comes rather late in the day. For the last thirty years he has helped into being a regime that certainly has nothing to do with a free Republic. Now that his own existence is in jeopardy, he suddenly sings the praises of the Republic.

And yet, Rafsanjani got response almost at once from another Ayatollah. Ayatollah Yazdi is one of the pillars of the current regime. Yazdi said that Rafsanjani's statement helped its opponents.

According to Yazdi, Rafsanjani has also made a theological-political mistake. What is that crucial fallacy? The Islamic regime is in the first place an Islamic state. Not the will of the people, but the satisfaction of Allah is the legitimacy of the Islamic state, says Yazdi. But how do we know if Allah is satisfied? Elementary: if you practice the laws of Allah, Allah is satisfied.

Because the continuation and the existence of the Islamic state prevails over the will of the people Yazdi has a theological point. A free Republic can never be Islamically pure. Conversely a true Republic can never be Islamic either.

But the Iranian people have already made clear they do not want to live Islamically pure. They want a Republic, a free Republic. This is why they're losing their children. This uprising is a Republican Revolution contrary to Sharia law.

Therefore many, men side by side with women, went to Prayers at the University of Tehran. According to many Ayatollahs this flies in the face of Allahs wishes.  Men and women shouldn't be praying side by side. They must be separated, also during prayers.

What do the people want? Do they want to 'protestantize' Islam? What is happening in Iran is great! No, it's unbelievable.

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James Higham said...

According to many Ayatollahs this flies in the face of Allahs wishes.

The day I need someone to interpret the wishes of the Almighty is the day someone brings me a message in heaven.

James Higham said...

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ali shaffiee said...

why do u lie when u dont know a thing about the friday prayer

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