Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Iran: an Update and an Exposé of the Paramilitary

Defend Your Vote: "Mousavi Calls for General Strike" 

Mir Hossein Mousavi (...) get the Voice out to fight the Bullets.

اعتکاف سراسری، در این فضای آلوده

رسانه شمائید .. ایمیل و موبایل و مموری کارد و کپی و هر کمک دیگری هم حق شماست

and Mousavi further challenging the regime ...

Times Online: "Defiant Mousavi says Iran protests should not be abandoned"

Iran's opposition leader flagrantly courted arrest today by labelling President Ahmadinejad's government "illegitimate" one day after the regime said it would tolerate no further challenges to the election result. Mir Hossein Mousavi, a former prime minister, issued a brave and defiant statement on his website declaring: "It is our historical responsibility to continue our protests and not to abandon our efforts to preserve the nation's rights". (...) >>>

In his 
blog today Afshin Ellian provides us with a rare insight into the intricacies and origins of the various violent militias operating in Iran and elsewhere. Here's a translation: 

Iran's security system is violent and totalitarian through and through (...) who are the men atttacking civilians (...) who leads them (...) who protects the regime?

Ansar Hezbollah. Shortly after the revolution groups of men came together and called themselves Hezbollah [the party of Allah]. These consisted of scum and ultra religious people. They attacked opponents with knives and other weapons. They made victims everywhere: left, right, liberal intellectuals, and even moderate believers. Hezbollah was above the law and was protected by the leader of the revolution, imam Khomeini. They were refered to as the SA [Sturmabteilung, Storm Troopers] of the regime.

2. The Revolutionaire Guard (RG) was also founded after the revolution for the defense of Islam and the new regime. They too resorted directly under the imam. RG probably consists of 120,000 men of which eighty percent are conscripts. The latter are a security risk for the regime. Advanced rockets, the nuclear program and other military secrets resort under the RG. They are also aimed at supporting militant Islamic movements all over the world. They are present in Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq, the Gulf states, and were also involved in the wars in the Balkans
and Afghanistan.The Lebanese and the Afghan Hezbollahs and the Badr Army in Iraq have been founded by the RG. They wear uniforms, but also civilian clothing. They run their own intelligence services and secret prisons. We used to call the RG Khomeini's SS and their intelligence service the Gestapo.

3. Basij, means mobilization. The paramilitary unit was first founded during the early stages of the Iran-Iraq War. All mosques, universities, factories, schools and public service offices have an armed Basij unit. They have license to arrest and interrogate. As an organization they resort under the RG. With few exceptions, these groups consist of thugs. [See the comments on CIIDG, and the photos on The Vigilante Journalist.]

Apart of these three militias, the Islamic Republic also has a regular army, a Ministry of Intelligence and countless other security forces. It's not a pleasant country.

The following are excerpts of a rare interview with someone who was both a member of Hezbollah and the Basij. Amir Farshad Ibrahimi was Secretary of Ansar Hezbollah. He finally fled to Europe. Over the last few weeks he helped identify quite a few members of various organizations as they wreaked havoc on the people of Iran. Ibrahimi explained in detail how these groups operate with the RG and the Basij.

He was asked by Radio Farda if he has any information on the presence of foreign jihadis. His answer was quite detailed, as is the rest of his story.

“The Tharallah division of RG is responsible for security in Tehran. But they operate independently. They take orders directly from the imam. They are comprised of two foreign units.” (He provides an address in Tehran.)

“One of those foreign units is Iraqi, remnants of the Badr Army. The other is Lebanese Hezbollah. They are reserves, presently training in Iran”. (Address follows.)

“On the recent video footage I recognized two Lebanese. One is well known, because he's the brother of Ali Monir Ashmar, a suicide terrorist who was killed in Lebanon and is revered as a martyr. So Hezbollah of Lebanon has in fact troops in Tehran, participating in the oppression of Iranian citizens”.

Do you believe me if I speak of Islamofascism? During a recent 9/11 commemoration (former [Dutch, Postmodern] Green Left MP [of Iranian descent]) Farah Karimi typified the Lebanese Hezbollah as a resistance movement. She should be ashamed of herself. Imagine someone calling the Dutch SS a resistance movement!

Hezbollah's Dutch friends we can get rid of democratically, but those in the Middle East are another matter. They will have to be forced out of existence. And this is precisely what Iran's students are doing. But nobody knows as yet if they will succeed in chasing them out of Iran.


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