Monday, June 29, 2009

Shout (فریاد) Update

... and then there's this! 

The above comes courtisy of Afhin Ellian's blog on Elsevier. He writes:

"Mohammed Reza Shadjarian is presently the most famous, traditional singer in Iran. He is not a modernist. But his music was barely tolerated. Shadjarian demanded that Iranian state broadcasting would no longer play his patriotic songs. For the ralliers he sang this impressive song: "The Shout".

Artists have made it into a video clip. The images are wonderful: women with open arms, a petrified man standing over a corps, hope and a green heart. This is the translation:

I knock with my fist on a door;
I rub my hand over the windows.
I am suffocating, oppressed, suffocated.
It's closing in on me, unbearably.
I will shout;
Oh, I am with you;
Open the doors.

I am looking for space
on a roof
on a mountain top
in the heart of a dessert
to breath fresh air.
I want to shout long and hard,
so that my voice be heard.

I will shout;
my pain will heal through righteousness.
Who of you sleepers will emerge,
to shout along with me?
When I pound the door with my fist (...) 


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