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Behind the Scenes of a Popular Revolt

As the revolt appears to be sizzling out, seventeen people gave their lives for freedom, including a young woman who has become the icon of Liberty in Iran. Attached again the footage of her violent death at the request of another young student in Tehran. This is his blog.

As we are doing so, the site of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI) appears to have obtained information about what and who's behind the ongoing power struggle. On June 23 they rebut our information that: "FDI sources tell us that the real power behind the Khamenei throne is not so much his son, Mojtaba, but the long-standing head of IRGC intelligence, Morteza Rezai. (...) 

Two years ago, Morteza Rezai "retired" from the IRGC, but our sources say he was put in charge of a top secret program on behalf of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, to guarantee his re-election in 2009. Part of the plan, as we revealed below (Update 3 from yesterday) was for Ahmadinejad to suspend the constitutional term limits on his office, and become president for life - like Hugo Chavez. All the billions of dollars these reformists say has gone missing these past few years have gone to Morteza Rezai to plan this coup," a former Iranian intelligence officer told FDI."

Update 3 reads: "Ahmadinejad sought to become president for life. In a memo that purports to be a transcription of private notes taken at a pre-election meeting of Ahmadinejad's top staff in April, Ahmadinejad explains that as soon as his re-election victory is announced as planned, they have to move "very quickly" to replace key members of the Judiciary and other government agencies in order to change the constitution "to remove the 8-year limitation"on the president's term. If Parliament interferes, Ahmadinejad tells his top aids that they will "learn a lesson soon after we take office." Pointing to the success of Hugo Chavez in suspending term limits in Veneuzuela, Ahmadinejad boasts: "If Chavez was able to achieve this, so can we." Read the memo."

NiteOwl on Anonymous Iran forum has 're-engineered' events in Iran during the last couple of days from translated tweets. "No large rallies or protests were held today [Friday 26]. There were unconfirmed reports of small gatherings in isolated areas of the city, but for the most part, Tehran didn't seem to witness the same as it has been for the past two weeks. Sources indicated that it was in no way a sign of giving up, but rather a brief interval in more protests that are to come. They added that currently, the Sea of Green is organizing and regrouping as well as coming up with new ways to defy the authorities and also know of the fate of their leaders in order to progress." Hat Tip: Bill Collier Freedomists.

Word in the Washington Post has it that autocrates around the world are feverishly pulling the levers of censorship out of fear the Iranian "sea of green" might infect their own oppressed populations. (Is this a missed opportunity, or what?!) And Jacko isn't helping either.

Over on the Daily Beast Scott Horton, law professor and writer on legal and national security affairs details for us the violence and gruesome torture tactics wielded by the regime. It contains a link to visual evidence of a tweet we were alerted to the other day and few dared credit: that a militiaman had taken an axe to the protesters.

On the diplomatic front we can but hope President O is a fast student of ethics. As the eyeless dwarf of Tehran observed, Obama has already manipulated himself into a corner (White House press briefings would beg to ahmm, d...difffer): 

Fox News: "Ahmadinejad: U.S. 'Has Made a Mistake'"

Iran's hardline president lashed out anew at the United States and President Barack Obama on Saturday, accusing him of interference and suggesting that Washington's stance on Iran's postelection turmoil could imperil Obama's aim of improving relations. (...) "They keep saying that they want to hold talks with Iran ... but is this the correct way? Definitely, they have made a mistake," Ahmadinejad said. (...) >>>

Dutch-Iranian refugee, pundit and Leiden University lecturer, 
Afshin Ellian has another great post up at Elsevier. He disects the erratic Obama policies and in an astute analysis calls him "not the President of ethics, but the President of polls". With reference to the 4th of July invitation extended before the Iranian elections and affirmed only last week, Ellian wonders what Obama believes the relationship is between the Islamofascists and "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"? An excellent question. Obama uninvited the mullahs only when poll figures began to plummet: over sixty percent of Americans disapprove of his Iran policies.

Talking of Neda's assassination Obama said that "yes, he's the President of the U.S. and at stake is national security of the United States".  Iranian state radio repeated that single sentence and added: "And Ahmadinejad is the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ellian poses the rhetorical question," since when is the Islamic Republic not a matter of U.S. national security?Obama prostrates before the King of Saudi Arabia, but is immovable where freedom is concerned!"

The author has shredded his invitation for the 4th of July festivities, lamenting the inexperience of the President. He then goes on to hit the nail on the head: "Or is he pro Ahmadinejad?" Well, of course he is! As we've already figured, the Postmodern President is a sucker for power (why do you think the genuflexion before the Saudi King occurred?), and harbors a philosophical contempt for democracy and every other value his country stands for.

- Caption: Hat Tip Foundation for Democracy in Iran

Ellian wraps up his post by remarking on the green and black balloons that went up yesterday all over Iran--green for 'Change', black for mourning (see also reports on Demotix).

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