Monday, January 12, 2009

Puzzle of the Week: Connect the Dots

Let's do a little lumping, shall we! Not the postmodern version of "all who wear uniforms are Nazis", or "all white males are rapists", but some real equivalents on the philosophical level. Whatever infuriates the Leftist hypocrites is a source of amusement for the rest of us.

Question: What is the common thread in the following items?

Yahoo!News: "UK baby born without breast cancer gene"

(...) "The parents will have been spared the risk of inflicting this disease on their daughter. The lasting legacy is the eradication of the transmission of this form of cancer that has blighted these families for generations." (...) >>>

... and these nuggets from a less biologically sophisticated era:

Part 2/10 (short cut: the case is made in Part 1, but Part 2 explains it more in-depth); the rest of the historical series is available on YouTube, "New Age Inc.: NWO-Nazi Occult Aryan Worship".

Next, another dot in our puzzle - meet the humanitarian, compassionate eugenics site "Future Generations", proudly introducing evolutionary science, genetics: "We advocate measures to improve the innate quality of humankind which are entirely voluntary. (...) If we ever hope to solve the problems which face our species, it's imperative that we first look at them objectively, and assess the scientific evidence without bias. (...) >>>

Since we have such favorable experience with the subject of eugenics there can be no possible objection against that proposal, can there? [sarc off].

That was for the coarse-minded materialists. This is how the elevation of mankind works on a higher level of consciousness.

And last but not least we have a special presentation by a Lutheran broadcaster (hat tip L.L.), reminding us "How we got here": through a set of maniacal depressive hippies with visions of lifting humanity to a higher ethical plane through LSD and psychotherapy, to strip man of layer after layer of evil social constructs, a course advocated by Hillary herself: beyond social engineering lies consciousness creation!

Forward your answer within the next 24 hours in a comment. The winner gets a 4x4 Dodge Durango (just kidding).


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