Sunday, November 23, 2008

Urgent Call to Reclaim Europe for the Citizens

Americans have historically taken ownership of their politeia. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are inspiring documents that remind us every day of the core values that produce liberty and prosperity.

Within 24 hours after losing the Presidential election to Barack Obama, Republican grassroots groups ' to win back the White House in 2012' sprang up like mushrooms. Modern Conservatism, The Freedomist Movement, Let's Get This Right and America Coast2Coast are just a few.

Europeans on the other hand still allow petty bureaucrats and postmodern Emperors to rule over them; this, despite the Rousseau inspired French Revolution, at least during its latter stages (typically another animal than its Lockean counterpart across the pond); and democratic principles now being established in almost all corners of the continent.

The European Union is out of control. The Lisbon Treaty (the 'Constitution' redux) was an opportunity squandered to right a wrong that is inherent in the blueprint of the European Union. Instead, the uninspired bureaucrats and power politicians took over and produced an unprincipled pile of legal yada yada.

Our American friends have provided a playbook how to build a grassroots movement. Would you join such a popular movement - based on individual rights, free market economy and limited government - and help claim the European politeia back for its citizens? We'd love to hear from you!

Here's the link to our Facebook page. You can also email us directly at "": write us with your views, leaving your name, location, and country and specify what your field of interest or expertise would be.

A grassroots initiative is far overdue! Sign up now and take control of your living space!


This is the platform where Europe intends to communicate with its citizens (regret due to overwhelming interest the porn doesn't work for the moment) ... and this is how you can contribute (fill up the form) .... and here's how they propose to 'interact' ...

... in an update by Yahoo!Tech the EU's dishonest reflexes are once again exposed; moreover, they cost the taxpayer another EUR 100,000 (US$126,905) on top of the EUR 1 million budget for Europeana, just to get it ready for a relaunch in mid December ... that's right, by mid December! At this point we're starting to experience some real curiosity, what wonderful information Europeana will have in store for those who are financing it ...


- "Americana"
- "Leviathan's Birth Certificate"
- "Irish Reject "Treaty of Lisbon," Ratification Continues"

- Filed on "Roots! We, the Peoples of Europe" -


James Higham said...

How would you implement your policy, Cassandra?

Cassandra said...

I have a playbook up to county level. Get me people, Brits, whatever. I've 1 (one) sign up in 48 hours!

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