Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On Election Day, Kool-Aid for Everyone

Without a doubt, today's election is one of the most iconic in history. Yet the outcome should not have to be a surprise, as one of the candidates - Barack Obama - judged by his past record, is the anti-candidate in more ways than one.

When he blames the philosophy of the past eight years for the financial collapse, he lays the fault at free market economics. Contrary to what Mr Soros may believe, free market capitalism is not an ideology, let alone a false one (he calls it "free market fundamentalism").

Capitalism is the corollary of individual rights. Individual rights follow from the notion that the world is knowable and that reason is the proper instrument for its exploration. This is what lays at the very root of America's foundation.

Mr Soros is not an American, and he doesn't run for the highest office. But his proxi - Barack Obama - does (even with his 'natural born' status in limbo - see Berg vs. Obama, below). It is no wonder Obama isn't particularly bothered by the nefarious invective of the Reverend Wright, since on a very basic level, he must agree with him.

Barack Obama blames America's founding philosophy for the evils for the financial collapse. Barack Obama is the most anti-American candidate to have ever run for office.

This all important election day, let's reach across the aisle and accept the PUMA counsel:

Obama Crimes: "Please do not forget the reason for Berg versus Obama, et al."

If a Presidential candidate would rather litigate and use legal technicalities to obfuscate, instead of answering and providing the proof of a very simple question, "are you qualified and/or eligible pursuant to the United States Constitution to serve as President of the United States", why would you vote for him, when he and his party says you have absolutely NO right and NO STANDING to question him/them. (...) >>>

Here's more ...

Hillbuzz: "WARNING: this is how Election Day is going to go down. Do not get sucked in, Eeyores!"

The Obamedia is going to do to you what they did to Hillary supporters during the primaries — they are going to lie, and float all sorts of incorrect exit polls, and start revving up to declare Obama the winner.

Drudge Report — mark our words — is going to run that flashing red/blue siren he loves to report McCain losing all sorts of traditional Republican states around midday. He’s going to get all of you Eeyores hyperventilating.

The goal of the Obamedia is to depress you so much you don’t turn out to vote. (...) Here’s our advice: take a break from news today (...) McCain wins 286-252…and America gets its first female Vice President. And on November 5th, we start campaigning for 2012. >>>

... and ...

Just Say No Deal: "we are a coalition of millions with one thing in common: NObama"

"(obama) could never get a security clearance"
dick morris
(say what
you want
'bout him,
but it's true)

Amen to that - then go vote ...

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James Higham said...

And so the dark night descends, as we knew it must.

Wolfie said...

I don’t think there is much point in analysing what Senator Obama says, he will say whatever the opinion polls tell him is on the mind of his core supporters. We in the UK have a good idea what's in store because we endured ten years of Tony Blair and recognise this facsimile, this could be the end of American politics as you know it.

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