Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today's Collection by the LooneyGlobs: Breaking News

"The program was about the answers, not about the candidates."

"Russia is Saudi Arabia with trees."

- Overheard on CNN

From Russia, With Tough Love - photos and a report from the front on Atlas Shrugs ...

NATO's "no business as usual" was dismissed by Russia as ... bias! Unbelievable ... seldom was a more morally relativized, even-handed message delivered by a NATO official. NATO's musketeer motto is its reason of being. But thanks to the postmodern (Pragmatist) Europeans NATO has now become a conflict mediator, a UN II or an EU II, that's how machismo Russia takes it, at least. For heaven's sake, NATO is supposed to be biased, it is a party, not a mediator. This needs careful watching ... George W. isn't buying.

In the meantime (10:13 CET) at Gori, Georgia ...

... there's blowback in Warsaw - there's no beating the strategy of fake paranoia and willful irrationality (a Soviet era remnant, now a retro communication weapon wielded by Western pomos) ...

And now for the good BREAKING NEWS!

EUX.TV: "Landsbergis: Russia is Blowing Up Europe"

"Vytautys Landsbergis was President of Lithuania in 1991, when he helped fight off a bloody attempt by the Soviet Union's army to overthrow his country's government. He now is a member of the European Parliament for the conservative EPP-ED group."

... much as the EU is a fundamentally undemocratic organization modeled on the Soviet Union, and as as such should be rejected, evidently it's not good news at all. Landsbergis is registering the moral agnosticism prevailing in Europe. Today he's tolling the knell in the European Parliament. He's distributed the following text:

The gloomiest premonitions are short to become true. Europe divided, and unfortunately toadying is at last giving into Russian aggression ... read it all >>> (full post follows shortly) ...

... symbolic is an accident reported by the same EUX.TV: ... ceiling of the parliament collapsed ...


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