Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Fascism Affirmed

What was already officially confirmed for some time, has now been re-affirmed (as if that was necessary). The Democratic National Party Convention in Denver is the epicenter of a global madhouse that has shed all innocence it might ever have had in denying, excusing, justifying, aiding and abetting evil.

It has now moved beyond the merely irrational and morally depraved. It surpasses even the Postmodern Dialectic explanation and is way beyond an ideological 'accident.'

The word that comes to mind is 'sick' but that doesn't begin to cover it. The explanation of life as a mere absurdity leads to nihilism and beyond that, to anti-ethics.

Here's one for the books ... (and this is just Day 1)

PJs: "Live from DNC: It’s Zombietime! (Day 1)"

CNN: "Chain wrapped around 'old man's body' found in mosque"

"There are the bloodstains on the wall, and here it is dried on the floor," Abu Muhanad said as he walked through a torture chamber in a Baghdad mosque where more than two dozen bodies have been found. (...) The horrific scene at this southwestern Baghdad mosque is what officials say was the work of a Shiite militia known as the Mehdi Army. Residents who live near the mosque say they could hear the victims' screams. (...) >>>

Keep in mind that these are the same kinds of protesters who endlessly whine about Abu Ghraib. If opposing and defeating people like al-Sadr’s torturers counts as “imperialism,” I’ll take imperialism any day. (...) >>>

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You Tube: "DNC Protesters ATTACK Fox reporter in Denver - Obama supporters show the world their insanity!"

Extremist, fringe left-wing militants Recreate '68 utter profanities and assault FOX News team in Denver on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

The authoritarian left (...) is back with their Stalinist tactics as they look to try to intimidate and overrun any and all 'dissenters,' including network broadcast reporters (....)

The assault of Jenkins and his crew was celebrated on extremist site Daily Kos in a diary that made the RECOMMENDED LIST on the hate site:

These unhinged protesters represent the core group of Barack Obama supporters. Like Obama's team of staffers and his ACORN strike teams, the protesters shown here are big on violence and intimidation and very short on free speech or freedom of the press. (...) >>>

For good measure, here's another"

Looking at the Left: "
Michelle Malkin Stalked and Threatened by 9/11 Truther, Mobbed by Media"

The incident is described here in detail.

And another: You Tube: "Clinton Supporter Ejected From DNC Meeting Shows Bruises"

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Wolfie said...

What these people are doing is evoking their somewhat arbitrary "morals" rather than examining their world through reason. Morals are somewhat like religion and are often used to mask ignorance and chauvinism as can be seen by most of the political left who bare a striking resemblance to evangelical elements who willingly campaigned to dismantle the British Empire 150 years ago. Maybe Christianity is nothing more that a Talmudic Trojan?

Cassandra said...

Thanks very interesting! Can you elaborate? What movement was that (if it had a name).

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