Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fake Revelation in a Faux Greco-Roman Setting

Rational people ponder questions on the basis of logic, integrating concepts and facts with existing knowledge. To the person of reason reality exists independently from his mind. They look to the outside world as a source of information. After thorough integration they try to persuade others of their point of view on the basis mature debate and valid argument.

This simple premise does not hold true for those who have rejected reason as their method to knowledge. They rather chose for their input emotion, passion, intuition and various other means of revelation from within the depths of their own persons (why are we surprised we're breeding pocket versions of Narcissus, all vying for the position of Master of the Universe?).

Among the second group of humans we count today's Leftists, small l liberals, Democrats, environmentalists, multiculturalists, gender and identity theorists, Greens, Socialists, Third World liberation theorists, and possibly other Postmodernists (among them a fair amount of less and less closeted Nazi admirers) that have turned against reason, individualism, free market capitalism, science and technology and all the terrible evils of civilization that go with it.

Other than the rationalists, they cannot rely on facts, reason, debate, and arguments to convince us of their point of view: they hold that such objective information simply isn't available to humans. They therefore have two avenues open to them to enforce their neotot standpoint on others. One way would be to forcibly suppress individual free will, making it subservient to the 'common will' of the collective, which was unsuccessfully practiced by a number of regimes, jointly responsible for over 100 million deaths over the course of just one century.

A less crude but trickier way is to try change people's way of looking at the world by adjusting their perception of reality. LSD in the public water supply would be one method. More refined is the application of rhetorical spin, re-framing, the use of certain idiom and redefining definitions of strategically chosen words; mind games, the dissemination of memes that may be triggered by symbolism, catch words or the use of images as set out in an earlier post, "Demagogy, Voodoo and Hypnosis 2.0."

Alternatively they might look at the theatrical and artistic world for inspiration: it has expert experience of smoke and mirrors and knowledge how to harnass style, music, visual and audio effects to induce trance in crowds.

Part III of the series "When Reason Fails: Morbid Obama Intoxication" explained the political and philosophical dimensions. The Blairite and Clintonian eras saw the perfection of the rhetorical and literary discipline, now in the light of today's subliminal manipulation perhaps a bit primitive and naive.

These fake spiritual experiences induced in huge crowds of course convey no factual information at all, but they do reduce the participant to the state of a mindless savage, with the back-door of the subconscious wide open to the reception of perception adjusters. When we hear a speech of Adolf Hitler we hear no words at all, but merely sounds delivered in a certain hypnotizing cadence.

What we saw last week during the DNC in Denver was a carefully orchestrated build up over the course of four days, culminating in a ritual ceremony celebrated by his holiness The Being of Light. Too bad of the faux Greco-Roman game show setting, which was on the whole perhaps - in all its splendorous kitch - a bit of an anti-climax.

The delusion of denial the irrational crowd has been living in over the last eight years finds its continuum into the period of the new presidential campaign; it will probably live on - no matter who will be elected President come the elections in November, until they are ready to accept the realities of the physical world once again. The only remedy is confrontation.

The overtly sexist (and latently racist) Left dismiss and sneer McCain's VP choice, in general being extremely ungracious about it. But in the process they appear to have shot themselves in the foot, enraged as they are that Bush III stole the limelight away from the Obama homily: "More to Sarah Palin Than Meets the Eye" by Rick Moran.

Earlier it seemed the Obama election was slam dunk. Now it appears they are too deluded to even correctly gauge the situation; what's more, they seem oblivious of their own predicament.

- Dialog from Star Trek Next Generation:

Borg Hugh: You probably don't know what it's like to be lost and frightened. You will listen to any voice who promises change.
Commander Riker: Even if that voice insists on controlling you?
Borg Hugh: That's what we wanted. Someone to show us a way out of the confusion. He promised clarity and purpose; he seemed like a savior; promised to make us superior, but he had no idea how to keep his promise. He began to ask for sacrifices for the sake of the greater good ...

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