Saturday, August 16, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

Get the Politeia community tool bar for downloading directly on to your desktop, or make your own custom bar for your blog or for your group.

The toolbar includes a search box, a news ticker, various buttons linking directly to the latest posts on the Home Page or to today's additions to the excerpts on the Articles Page; nourish the soul with culture which meets objective standards at The Lighthouse; check the latest in the news room on In Molecules; or enjoy the collection of videos at VodPod.

The gadget also features RSS linking directly to the latest posts and to main news outlets, as well as a link list to main articles on the situation in Georgia and its fall-out.

Optional are a weather button, an email notifier, a really great radio searcher; and last but no way least, a message box for direct communication with other tool bar users in real time. More features will be added every day. Check it out ...!

toolbar powered by Conduit


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