Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Global Warming: A Problem Not Supposed to be Solved

These guys are spot on. Environmentalism is just another control mechanism in the fight against reality: the Postmodern dialectic. It goes from Rousseauian anti science and technology, to - increasingly - anti humanism. It's a particularly destructive set of crypto Fascist values. Wake up!

more about "Glenn Beck debunking Rousseauism", posted with vodpod

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Wolfie said...

I agree with you regarding the attitude and political bias of the climate change lobby but as I have a scientific background I still foresee a problem. What do we do with the CO2 that has been extracted from the atmosphere?

Liquefaction or subterranean disposal will require a lot of energy so I'd hold onto those celebrations for a little bit yet, but I do agree that the solution needs to be through technical innovation rather than de-industrialization.

Cassandra said...

Thanks for that, Wolfie. Perhaps - like nuclear waste - it might be shot to the sun, but it's immaterial really. This is a constructed problem that is not supposed to be solved. It serves three purposes: taxation, surrogate religion, and autocontrol.

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