Tuesday, July 22, 2008

'Editing' Reality in the Interest of Perception

After the scandal of the Al Dura case - of which no one in the general public seems to be aware because it was suppressed by the mainstream media - we now have the as yet nameless incident of a Palestinian demonstrator being shot purposely in the foot by an Israeli soldier.

While the news item is all over the media (the contrast with the cautions of 'disturbing material ahead' are staggeringly hypocritical!), no reference whatsoever is made of the Al Dura precedent, in which the 'editing' of video material has been established without doubt.

It never ceases to amaze how the professional press manages to be hoodwinked in such an obvious fashion. The answer to that rhetorical question is clear however: today's subjective reporting is entirely politically motivated.

- Caption: it is generally forgotten that 'the wall' was erected after numerous terrorist attacks on Israel; it's purpose is to prevent others -

Apparently postmodern fascists believe that the proliferation of deliberate lies is in the public's interest. It says a lot of the depth of the cynicism of the neotot mindset and the 'scourged earth' tactics of their politics: propaganda and the manipulation of perception is everything to those who think that thought creates reality.

The IDF will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. Considering the history of Paliwood, they'd better ... don't hold your breath for a retraction if it turns out that the footage once again has been subjected to an 'editing' process.

The article in American Thinker "The New York Times and the al-Dura Hoax" explains how this fact editing for the purpose of propaganda costs lives. Here's how it works in practice:

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