Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Unreformed Neotots of the Worst Generation

Mail Online columnist Peter Hitchens expresses what the authors of EURSOC and yours truly have been saying for a long time.

In "Too fat for their jeans, but Labour still think like Trots" Hitchens affirms that the worst generation's youthful commitment to totalitarianism was never rooted in idealism or limited to adolescent zeal.

I first noticed it when I met people of the old crowd years afterwards, only finding that the advancement of the years had done nothing to their basic mindset. Just as if someone had pulled the cognitive plug and personal development had ground to a halt.

The blokes of the worst generation are in their prime now; they've come to power everywhere in the Western world. They are doing their damnedest! Britain has been re-branded a neotot collective ... "dedicated to overthrowing the moral, social and cultural order."

Heaven forbid, but if the Country of Liberty happens to fall into the hands of similar postmodern pragmatists come the new year, we might consider terra-forming Antarctica into a new continent for the free individual.

In a recent series we analyzed the basic principles of Pragmatism. The philosophy is cunningly cloaked, expediently aiming at 'whatever works.' The latter may be substituted by 'whatever our ideology prescribes.' In "When Reason Fails III" we wrote: "Pragmatism is a Romanticist version of relativism. (...) Pragmatism is essentially amoral."

Far from being practical, middle of the road, and reasonable, Pragmatism in effect is entirely malignant. The firm parameters are destructive enough by themselves (anti reason, subjective and 'organically' collectivist), but just how toxic the brew gets, depends on the choices of the particular practitioner.

EURSOC: British politicians paint themselves as pragmatists. Blair excelled at this. Ten years before Nicolas Sarkozy claimed the phrase as his own, Blair was "interested in what works." (...) The revolution (...) took place and it is well on its way to becoming “irreversible”, always Blair's stated aim. (...) Blair has been highly effective in carrying out his reforms and has pretty much succeeded in imposing the kind of society he and his colleagues set out to put in place."

Those who ask the desperate question how all of this came about, might refer to the most popular video on the blog, "Just Doing His Job" ...

Postscript: Blogging may be slow in the coming days due to moving to another state (of the European Union).


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