Friday, June 20, 2008

Of Demagogy, Voodoo and Hypnosis 2.0.

After the demagoguery and the mass hysteria in what is now a full-blown personality cult of the type that is often observable in collectivist circles, some are starting to question the use of imagery and symbolism in the Obama campaign.

Without committing the mistake of falling into the gaping conspiracy trap, the question what is going on here is entirely legitimate.

Those who haven't noticed something distinctly unhealthy has crept into the performance - frankly - are only deserving to live in a neotot state for the rest of their illusionary lives.

Patrick Ruffini in "Obama's Manipulation of Patriotic Imagery" on The Next Right has this to say:

"Doesn't this seem like an odd use of imagery for a candidate who has repeatedly denounced the manipulation of patriotic imagery for political purposes, going so far as to refuse wearing a flag pin? And he does it in a way that goes well beyond plopping a stylized flag in your logo (...) campaigns use patriotic imagery all the time. What's different -- in an "I know it when I see it" kind of way -- is Obama crudely grafting his logo on historical renderings of the official seal of the United States."

Of course we all know of the obsession the Third Way-ers Clinton and Blair had with image and perception; their mastery of spin has become the stuff of legends. But Obama is of entirely different ilk.

If the idea is, 'coming across all presidential' the symbolism and the style just aren't 'regal' enough. One would expect Roman overtures and hints of more traditional heraldry.

Townhall's Nedra Pickler in "Play of the Day: Obama debuts new seal" incites an interesting comment (reply #14) by tx honeybee:

"Obama's voodoo campaign politics.. The Great One, Obammessiah, would not need to use subliminal messages and false psychological Props, on gullible voters.. If he weren't a babbling Socialist Empty Suit (and metro-sexual) Better "Bush III" than Marx II ..."

... which is more or less in line with an interesting comment on the other article on The Next Right, which heads "Good Detective Work, and a Potential Example of NLP":

"The subtle message that you've discovered in the image is fascinating. I've been interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, aka NLP, for several years. To the uninitiated, NLP is Hypnosis 2.0. While it's still disputed as a model or theory, mainly it's a set of techniques or strategies for enhancing communication and personal influence (...) read it all here >>>

It just so happens that next week we'll have the opportunity to query a hypnotherapist, after which we'll report back on the tender subject of slick looking archetypes, psycho bots and memes.


Whatever the subconscious meme bots may trigger in the unattentive subjectivist, "The People's Cube" has created this inspirational variation discussed here:

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