Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Irish Lisbon Referendum: updates throughout

Ireland is the only EU country that granted its citizens the right to vote on the EU Lisbon Treaty. They now have the power to ditch the pseudo constitution that will turn the EU into a state instead of a supranational 'club.' An analysis of the treaty and what it all means is available on the Articles File.

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The Irish Times: "Voters go to polls in Lisbon referendum"

Voting begun early this morning on the Lisbon Treaty referendum with Ireland's electorate deciding the future structure of the European Union.

Polling stations opened at 7am and will stay open until 10pm to encourage as many people as possible to vote.

For first time in the State's history more than three million voters will be eligible to cast their ballots in a European referendum. The electorate stands at 3,051,278 as of February 15th, 2008.

Every person who is an Irish citizen and is included in the register of electors, which came into force on February 2008, 15th, is entitled to vote. Those included in the supplement to the register can also vote. (...) >>>


The Irish Times: "Polls close in Lisbon Treaty referendum"

Polling stations closed at 10pm tonight after 15 hours of voting in the Lisbon Treaty referendum, the result of which will determine the future development of the European Union and its institutions.

Voting began at 7am and statons in 43 constituencies were open until 10pm to encourage as many people as possible to vote.

Both the No and Yes sides of the treaty debate expressed confidence today that the result will go in their favour, but the result may be tight with 17 per cent of voters still undecided in a poll last weekend.

The result is expected by late afternoon tomorrow. (...) >>>

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