Monday, June 2, 2008

Cash-for-Kim: Confidential UN Report Published

Elsevier: "Melkert's UNDP violated UN rules in North Korea," by Robbert de Witt (free translation)

Rotterdam newspaper NRC reports today on an as yet confidential UN report on violations in respect of relief efforts in North Korea. UN Development Program (UNDP), where former Dutch Labour leader Ad Melkert is second in command, violated internal UN regulations in providing aid to the North Koreans.

'Donor countries are justified in their concern for lack of transparency, accountability and proper use of their funds," concludes the 353-page report. The Netherlands is contributing well over 73 million Euros per year and is the largest UNDP donor.

The investigation is meant to put an end to persistent stories about UNDP abuses; Melkert's responsibility at the UNDP is the implementation of policies.

According to the UN report UNDP staff are beyond reproach, but rules should have been better respected. Because of the "difficult situation" in North Korea it was sometimes unclear where expenditures went.

The allegations expressed by whistle-blower Shkurtaj "aren't considered entirely credible." Tonight during a press conference in New York Melkert will comment on the report's findings.

The 'cash-for-Kim' scandal
Artjon Shkurtaj, who led the UNDP mission in North Korea, said last year that millions of Euros in aid ended up with the North Korean regime, without the UNDP knowing how the money was spent.

Melkert was harshly criticized for his role in the scandal: the former Dutch Labour leader allegedly did nothing to ensure relief money didn't disappear into the pockets of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Il.

Melkert has consistently rejected the allegations. (...) >>>

He last surfaced when grinding Paul Wolfowitz to gerbil mix at the World Bank. Here's what we reported on 19th April 2007 in "Of Rats and Inner Voices, Mainly":

"Dutch former Socialist Party leader and former World Bank Chairman of the Board’s Ethics Committee during mid-2005, who requested Paul Wolfowitz to act as he did, presently denies all knowledge. Those familiar with the Ad Melkert modus operandi, shouldn't be terribly surprised. Didn't I explain that's the sort of institutions where Socialists go to die after messing things up too much, even for Dutch hyper tolerant standards?

Deputy says 'quit', Here's the link to all 357 articles. Well, the whole Wolfowitz affair stands to reason ... he's a neocon, isn't he? As it's open season ..."

Keeping you posted on Melkert, the UN and 'cash-for-Kim.'


This story seems DOA and it has disappeared from the media's radar screens ... only WaPo has it all, the obfuscation/moral inversion (?): "Report on U.N. Program Assails Whistle-Blower" >>>

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UNDP WATCH said...

Melkert is the most corrupt politician Holland has ever produced. he is afraid to return to Holland because of his past. Meanwhile on the North Korea story, the whistleblower, which Melkert and his cronies called " not credible" just won $250,000 and the UN's Ethics Office has called the whole UNDP Investigation a farse and not valid.

Click here for that decision:

If you want more on Melkert and Eveline Herfkens and Dutch Corruption at the UNDP - please visit Http://

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