Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Guide to Acting Irresponsibly Yet Never Go to Jail

Yesterday in this blog in a post "Pomo Goes to Washington DC" - dedicated to the Postmodern approach of American President-in-waiting B. Barack Obama - we discussed the Leftist favorite branch of surrogate ethics known as deontology - or the morality of good intent. Whatever the outcome, if intentions are good this is designed to get you out of jail, permanently.

Today we have the misfortune to address the matter once again, this time accompanied by an example of yet the latest nightmare currently unfolding on the world stage.

Leftists live in a permanent state of offence about the lousy job that God (or Nature) did in creating this imperfect world. Instead of wonder, they find fault and injustice everywhere. As a consequence they never cease remedying error, stopping the gaps left by reality: regulations, bans, controls, legislation, harmonization, rules, compulsion, prohibition, redistribution of just about everything - from capital to speech rights, no tool is shied in the cause of real progress.

Such a furious flurry of activity calls for some impunative mechanism. Just so, that should things turn sour - as they invariably do - progress to perfection can be carried to full fruition nevertheless. Fortunately some critical theorist thought up the notion that if we do away with judgments about Good and Evil, the problem would be solved. Much like burning the law-books would solve crime.

The result is deontology - or the good-intent-bad-result-never-mind principle. This means that good intent is for ever beyond suspicion: all Leftist initiatives are the result of working towards the greater good and for mankind's own best interests; should unintended results ensue these could not be foreseen at the time.

The latest episode in a long history of politically motivated sins of this kind, is the scandalous starvation as a result of the current 'food crisis'. Once again, intent is beyond reproach - fixing the environmental crisis, even if so many independent scientists have repeatedly warned not to approach this too dogmatically.

Bradley Doucet has the story in Le Québécois Libre: "Going Hungry: Why Biofuels are Bad for People, Prosperity, and the Planet." The reader is reminded that one of the composing cohorts of the Postmodernist movement is an anti-human branch of environmentalists, followers of evolved NatSoc exponent Heidegger.

Blogger-psychologist Dr Sanity looks at the real Heroes and Villains of the piece.

By the way, the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has finally seen its monopoly crashed by some healthy competition. Here's the Heartland Institute's report. - Hat Tip: De Klimatosoof.

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