Saturday, May 31, 2008

The War on Existence

Recently I had the honour to be invited by a member of the political and philosophical opposition to join a FaceBook group of deluded Troofers named "The War on Consciousness". Their very lengthy introduction piece is transcribed for non FB members in "The War on Reality."

Troofers suffer from a form of paranoid obsessiveness which leads them to see BusHitlerCheney conspiracies behind every bush. It is therefore known as Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). My usual approach is: least said, soonest mended - but in this case it might be interesting to have it on record, just to show the grand-children how far this madness during the first few years of the millennium actually went.

Frankly, I was momentarily shocked by the whole affair for a number of reasons.

For starters, because the Troofer in question had been in our Aristotelean discussion group, "Profoundly Modern" for over a week. For good understanding it may be noted that the law of Aristotle excludes contradictions. The postmodern Troofer movement belongs to a philosophical brand of reality-dodgers for which the groundwork was laid by the German anti-modern thinkers Kant and Hegel. Their philosophical speculations made possible the war on reason, of which the current onslaught is but the latest battle. The movement is also known as the Counter-Enlightenment.

As Kant put objective knowledge beyond human reach, Hegel thought up a dialectical system for the express purpose of accommodating contradictions, a common by-product of the war on reason. The mutual exclusiveness of the two approaches to the nature of thought apparently failed to register with our member. The irony of the subject of his paranoia that is reflected in the title of his FB group, can hardly be put into words: it's like renaming World War II, The War on Germany!

Unless he was a mole all along, in which case he can't have gleaned much joy from the illicit membership: the group isn't a particularly active one.

The best bet is that the tolerance level for contradictions is so appallingly high in the subjectivist-relativist camp that our mutual exclusiveness hadn't triggered any cognitive dissonance in the man, at all! It is the most plausible explanation: in his defense he sent this piece of Platonian wisdom.

The second reason I was shocked is that the paranoid rantings of the real believing Troofer never fail to astound. Now, I could of course flag the group as offensive - which they are - but freedom of speech demands our defence of the liberties of even our most vicious opponents. We'll leave the bans and the prohibitions to them.

A recurring exclamation over the last few years has been one of 'as you thought it couldn't get any worse, it just did.' Blogging spychologists "Sigmund, Carl & Alfred" in "FDR, George Bush And Scott McClellan" explain that President Franklin D. Roosevelt lied to Congress to get the U.S. to join World War II, a war many Leftists believe was ‘unnecessary,’ and conclude that George Bush isn’t even in his league as far as lying over the casus belli is concerned.

"Sigmund, Carl & Alfred" go on to relate another keepsake for posterity - the Scott McLellen sell out to the enemy camp for a sack full of silverlings - quoting an investigation by "Little Green Footballs" into the esoterics of the McLellen publisher, Public Affairs Books.

The owner of Public Affairs Books is a company called Perseus Book Group, which is owned by Perseus Funds Group, which is held by Perseus LLC, a capital management firm that grew from about $20 million in 1995 to over $2 billion now. Time for "Cherchez Soros!" Is there any pestilential pie this man hasn't got a finger in?

Perseus is the publisher of six more books in the self-help department for those afflicted with BDS. They've got good news for the unrestrained paranoid: you do not even have to think up your own justifications anymore: they're handing them to you on a platter. You can now even indulge in BDS even if chronically brain-dead. That's right, no discriminating against the intellectually challenged!

That the approach is undoubtedly pathological as well as a menace to society is beyond them. Just wondering when the malefic Soros is finally gonna meet his Nemesis.

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