Friday, May 16, 2008

"Pomo goes to Washington D.C."

The reactions to President Bush's "Munich" speech at the Knesseth are an indication that the Postmodern position prevailing in the Democrat camp is badly understood. It goes unnoticed, is spin-doctored out of consciousness, or is remedied by the method the Dems know best these days, denial. Some Republicans, like Ann Counter make a second career out of Democrat Pavlovian knee jerks.

This is especially surprising as B. Barack Obama is a typical and rather vocal exponent of the pseudo philosophy - or more precisely - the malignant political ideology based on false axioms. His rhetorical style, his choices, and the people he is surrounding himself with, all betray true intentions.

Those who cannot get a grip on what all that means might be helped by visualizing a more revealing term: cultural Marxism. Postmodernism is nothing short of Marxist theory with a contemporary slant, a form of evolved Communism by the back-door.

Obama is also heavily influenced by the theology of black liberation, based on the call to revolution by Frantz Fanon's "Wretched of the Earth." Whereas Islamism has incorporated it in its theofascist doctrine, a succession of Popes have thrown it out as heretic (the corruption of religion by Marxist dialectical theme-weaving). Another softer variety of this religious dialectic is circulating these days around the pulpits of the Emergent Churches.

The Left have thoroughly radicalised over the last decade and reverted to pre-revolutionary mode. We do well to remind ourselves that the long road through the institutions is now over and that the boomer fellow-travellers are currently arriving at the corridors of power.

If their position at times seems a little erratic, one is reminded who is The Enemy. Keeping in mind that the classical, traditional, Western 'white, heterosexual male' edifice of power as symbolized by capitalism and liberal democracy is the ultimate target, things usually fall nicely into place.

Those who delude themselves that the inauguration of President B. Barack Obama will not cause a paradigm shift in favour of a global Utopian collective, had better think again. If the likes of Ahmadinejad and Assad c.s., and Messrs Chavez and Castro aren't adorning the steps of the White House come November, this is entirely due to keeping up appearances.

Postmodern philosophy is not based on life in the actual world, but on a fantasy how life should have been hadn't God (or Nature) done such an imperfect job. Instead of wonder, they find fault everywhere.

Just how essential the rift is, is voiced by Ayn Rand's foremost interpreter Leonard Peikoff: "The battle for the world is not a battle between two political ideals. It is a battle between two views of the nature of thought." Here we have the false Left-Right dichotomy to a T.

One result of anti-modern thought is for example that the ethics of objective good and evil have been relativized out of existence and have been replaced by the ethics of deontology - or good-intent-bad-result-never-mind morality, the Left's permanent get-out-of-jail card.

This means that whatever evil flows from their collectivist actions (100 million dead for example), this will nevertheless be referred to as 'highly ethical', seen perhaps as a freak accident of specific circumstances, or blamed on a leader who 'misinterpreted' the otherwise perfect theory.

Parley with evil-doers is simply pragmatism in the good cause of a political settlement. A compromise with Hitler, on how many might partake in the Holocaust - six million or only half that number - views negotiations with evil for the least bad option as a positive virtue. The false axioms lead them away from the truth that the good has nothing to win from the bad, and that evil has everything to gain from the good.

On that note leaving you with today's Times Online article on the subject of the 'appeasement speech' and a prediction that the presence of the aforementioned dictators will be felt well before President Obama's first year in office is out. Vote wisely.

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