Thursday, May 1, 2008

Of Pomo Kitch and Social Networking

It is in the nature of Facebook and other such virtual social networking sites to reflect humanity's state of mind in the real world. Lightheaded babes of will-o'-the-wisp disposition pair Social-Liberals who pragmatically try to 'marry' collectivism with individualism. Why not? Anything goes, since counter-culture rejected truth as an obstacle to personal development.

While the hyphenation (of Social-Liberals) is already a contradiction in terms, the ethical abomination of reconciling two mutually exclusives is possible only in the Postmodern world, because no third millennium inhabitant ever reduces ideas and concepts back to their basic levels.

And the fallacy of relativism falsely preaches that 'it's all the same anyway,' equivocating and equivalencing all and sundry. And that's how Postmoderns figure that antisemitism is 'the same' as Islamophobia, ignoring history, root causes and any other known fundamental markers. Worst offenders are those issuing dire warnings that "Muslims will be the new Jews". This is just as vacuous as the glossy media platitude - that has it that - "white is the new black."

Another such victim of pomo falsehood is a fallen liberal making recently the headlines in Israel's "Arutz Sheva" because of the truly fine job he is doing in fighting antisemitism in the MSM and on social networking sites. He heads the Facebook group "Why Do You Aid And Abet Terrorist Organizations?"

The other day he let members know that "31 days into this project: 102 groups deleted, 120,397 hate mongering, terror supporting antisemites impacted. Your effort is helping! However, please remember, new groups are added daily! Please take even just 5 minutes a day to report groups. Here's one that is still up after THOUSANDS of complaints (...) Read "Arutz Sheva: "Jewish Activist Battles For Israel on Facebook":

A Jewish activist has rallied thousands of virtual troops to go after the Jew-haters and terrorist-sympathizers of Facebook – with great success. Enough was enough. The Facebook groups praising the murderer of the eight yeshiva boys at Jerusalem’s Mercaz Harav last month was the last straw for David B., who goes by the nom de guerre David Appletree on the social networking web site.

He had accepted that reading a newspaper was no longer a relaxing experience; neither was listening to the radio or watching TV after a long day at work without seeing anti-Israel propaganda. But when his use of Facebook to keep in touch with his friends brought hatred of his religion and homeland to his computer screen, Mr. Appletree declared war.

- Caption: "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis." Dante Alighieri (1265 - 1321) -
His first move was establishing a group called "FACEBOOK: Why Do You Aid And Abet Terrorist Organizations?" The group lists over 80 Facebook groups that praise Hitler, call for the destruction of Israel or encourage Arabs to unite together to throw Israelis into the Mediterranean Sea. David, who works in media production in America, considers himself a full-time activist between jobs. "An unpaid labor of love," he says.

However, the activist powerhouse was not always pro-Israel, let alone an activist. "I was living in New York City for seven years, reading the New York Times from cover to cover daily," David said. "I used to be very liberal and very pro-Palestinian, although I was never an activist for them. With the rise of the Second Intifada in 2000, everything shifted. After the September 11th attacks, my views solidified ... I watched the towers burn and this girl on the roof of my building with me said, 'If it wasn't for Israel, this wouldn't have happened.' I felt like throwing her off my roof." (...) >>>

The hogwash of relativism becomes apparent when David - although fully aware of such truths - in his Facebook profile assures us that truth is unattainable: "No man can claim to have reached the ultimate truth as long as there is another who has not. No one is redeemed until we are all redeemed. Ultimate truth is an unlimited light --and if it is unlimited, how could it shine in one person’s realm and not in an other's?" -the Lubavitcher Rebbe (words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman).

Bravo on the antisemitism and hatred front, David! Let's ignore the pomo call for reciprocating measures against so-called 'Islamofobia', thus endangering the entire Western value of the freedom of expression. Speaking one's mind is factually different from incitement to violence. Defending the innocent is an ethical imperative: the moral inversion as popularised by the MSM must be rejected!

The waiting room of purgatory however - pending collective human redemption while waiting for the forces of darkness and anti-reason to see the light - is no perspective I associate with justice, eternal or otherwise.


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