Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The European Betrayal of Democratic Values

EURSOC is today reporting on the scandalous betrayal of democratic values that is displayed by Europe and the liberal press with respect to the situation in Turkey.

As we have commented on here the European libs, labs and chr. dems - Hegelians to a man - actually prefer creeping Sharia Law over the custodians of democracy taking action to protect it.


these over-evolved mutants have managed to persuade themselves that Sharia is compatible with democratic values;


they are perhaps not the democrats they pretend to be?

The Hegelian progressivism of the neotots attaches a far higher moral value to 'world historical events' (e.g. the incorporation of Turkey into the new European empire), than it does to freedom. Individual liberties being subordinate to the state - the vehicle of such events - are clearly secondary and only granted by the state, if it so wishes! Liberties are revokable at any time if the necessities of state demand it.

EURSOC: "The Trouble With Turkey"

Liberal newspapers are very keen to convince Europeans that the AK Party of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is only "mildly Islamist" and thus nothing for either us, or secular Turks to worry our little heads about.

The AK, which not only runs Turkey's government but also its Presidency, is more or less a Turkish version of the German Christian Democrats. The Economist, to name one example, praises AK's relative economic liberalism and how it faced down Turkey's generals in the 2007 general election, calling their bluff when rumours of a coup were muttered. (...) >>>

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