Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dutch Now Officially Certifiable

Who thought that World War II was won by the Allies and that Europe was liberated by Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians, Kiwis, Free French, Free Dutch and Free Poles, had better think again. Because this is the old historical version which stems from a time when Western hegemonism allowed such false, ethnocentric lies to flourish.

But the blessings of postmodernism have lifted the imperialist fog from our blurred historical vision and now we see the light! The course of world historical events will be adjusted accordingly.

The long and difficult task now awaits us to come to terms with the harsh reality that it was the heroic efforts of former overseas subjects to whom we owe the debt of present day freedom; the precious liberty that allows us, if we so wish, to become as mad as hatters and scatter all sense of reality to the four winds.

Contrary to reactionary belief the glorious 1945 victory over the Fascist Pigs was brought about by Fearless Colonials and Ditto Immigrants, born decades after the fact.

A Dutch Socialist Secretary of State in an interview with Dutch Islamic Broadcasting (NIO) has therefore expressed the wish to see greater emphasis on their role in the liberation of the country and of Europe in general. Education students must be taught about such matters, so as to pass on the real truth to future generations of school children.

An imperialistic Elsevier commentator cries foul: 'falsification of history!'

Revisionism pure and simple, we agree. What's the story? Five years ago in a western Amsterdam burrough, a number of World War II commemorative wreaths were savagely torn apart by a gang of Moroccan hoodlums, a fixture in such parts of the capital.

A local Socialist alderman, likewise of Moroccan descent (presently holding some national office, I forgot which) - well versed in the art of civic manipulation - commissioned historical research to be carried out in the national archives, in order to unearth some possible role that Moroccans might have played in the liberation of the country.

However unlikely, the expenditure of hundred thousand euros yielded result. Lo and behold, in 1940 the French army, contributing to the defence of an island under threat of being overrun by the Nazi jackboot, turned out to have included a number of French colonial troops of Moroccan origin. Mission accomplished, as future commemorations would now be held in honor of the heroic desert defenders as well. (Supposedly this should prevent future wreath desecration, an assumption which telling in itself.)

Not content with the Moroccan results, the other major immigrant cohorts would naturally have to share in the honours as well: the vast Turkish contingent, but also the former Dutch colonials of the present day Latin American nation of Suriname, and the Caribbean islands eparchy of the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao) would also have to be included.

It goes without saying that historical records indeed showed their contributions to the war effort to have been considerable - which contrary to the Moroccan 'stretch of the imagination' - happens to be not entirely divorced from reality. Suriname - rich in bauxite - has furnished the United States with indispensable aluminium ore for the aviation industry, while Shell in Curacao delivered kerosene.

The Turkish contribution though proved a tougher nut to crack. Eventually it was established that Turkey might well have been situated on a flight route out of occupied Europe.

This is subjectivism in action: 'facts' 'created' by perceptions. Dutch political correctness is henceforward officially certifiable.

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